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Common Garage Door Opener Repair Questions in Sun City, NV; Costs, Springs, Closing & More

Your garage door is something you want to make sure is working. It is often times the main entrance to a house that people use more than their front door. The garage is also where many people send their kids to use the keypad rather than giving them a key to the house. This means less for them to lose and your house can be safe. You want to make sure your entrance through your garage is not damaged or broken. The garage door has many working and moving parts that can become damaged and in need of repair. There are lots of questions that people have when they need to have their garage doors repaired and knowing what they are can speed up the process. AAA Action Garage Doors outlines what your common questions people ask about their garage doors.

How Much Do Garage Door Repairs Cost?

One of the most commonly asked questions that a garage door repairman gets asked is what the cost will be. The problem is that there are lots of parts that make up the garage door and motor. That means that the cost cannot be something that is given as an average cost. There are some of the parts and service that are costly and some that are quite simple and can be done without purchasing any new parts. You want to make sure that if you are concerned about the cost of the garage door repair you have a technician out to do an inspection and give you an estimate. Even with the symptoms that you can describe over the phone there is no way to know what the repairs are that are needed.

Do I Need to Replace Both Garage Door Springs?

One of the most common problems that homeowners come across when the garage door breaks is with the springs. There are two large springs that act together to create the tension that is needed to open and close the garage door. The springs need to be able to stretch and pull back together on a daily basis. The springs can break and sometimes it is only one of the springs so homeowners want to know if they can replace one without the other. The problem is that if one spring has slipped or broken the other is not far behind. It is always better to have both springs taken out and replaced even if there is only one that is damaged or broken.

Why Does Garage Door Keep Opening After Closing?

One problem that people have with their garage door is that the door will start to close and come back open. You want to be able to close the door so that you can secure your home. After you check that there is not anything in the path you may be wondering what is causing it to come back up. The main reason is that the photo eye sensor has been bumped out of place or they have stopped working properly. They may need to be replaced or checked to ensure they are balanced out.

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