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Can Sunlight Interfere with Garage Door Sensors in Canyon Gate, NV? Overheating & More

The garage door sensor is a safety component that ensures your garage door will not close on a person or other obstruction. Sometimes the senor can malfunction which will prevent the garage door from operating properly. In addition, sometimes a sensor can be damaged or affected by sunlight. Sunlight can greatly affect a garage door sensor. AAA Action Garage Doors will share how a garage door sensor works and how sunlight can affect a garage door sensor as well as how to fix it.

How Does a Garage Door Safety Sensor Work?

A garage door sensor comes in pairs, one is on each side of the garage door. The two sensors must be perfectly aligned to send a constant infrared signal to each other. When the infrared signal is blocked or obstructed, the sensor will prevent the garage door from operating. If a car, personal item or person is in the way of the garage door, it can cause major damages, harm and even death. The garage door sensor is essential to the garage door’s safety system.

Can Garage Door Sensors Be Affected By Sunlight?

A garage door’s infrared safety sensor is highly effective and does not fail often. Some of the most common sensor problems is when they become misaligned or is obstructed from the other sensor. However, occasionally light can be a problem. Infrared usually isn’t interrupted by light from light fixtures but it can be interrupted by UV light. The light from the sun can interrupt the flow going between the two sensors. The garage door sensors must be set to the perfect angle in order for the sunlight to hit the sensor just right. Not only does the garage need to be facing the right angle, keep in mind that the sun’s position changes throughout the day. Usually you will notice a certain time of the day where your garage door may have a problem closing. If you are having trouble with your garage at a certain time of day, it is most likely due to sunlight or UV light interference.

What Happens when Garage Door Sensor Overheats?

For those who have a garage door that faces the sun most of the day, your sensors can experience overheating problems. A sensor that is being heated by the sun can lead to total failure of the sensor. When a sensor overheats, it basically burns out and the infrared laser will not turn on. Overheating can occur when the garage is facing the sun and with the garage door closed. However, overheating is most likely to occur when the garage door is open and direct sunlight is hitting the sensors. If you have a major project that requires the garage door to be open for long periods of a time, be sure to block the sensor and keep them out of the sun. If the sensors did overheat, they will need to be replaced.

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The sunlight and the heat of the sun can have a major effect on the garage door sensors. If you are having a problem with the sensors or need garage door services, contact AAA Action Garage Doors today.

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