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Broken Garage Door Torsion & Extension Springs Repair & Replacement in Henderson Nevada

When it comes to a garage door, most people don’t think anything of them until all of a sudden you need to get in and it won’t open … or you open it and it won’t close. This is when you need to start trying to decide exactly what is happening. Do you need to replace the batteries in your access clicker, is the motor bad, has the spring gone out? There are a lot of things that can go wrong when it comes to garage doors. AAA Action Garage Doors has some advice when it comes to springs and the types that you have to choose from.

Garage Door Torsion & Extension Springs

There are two main types of springs that help activate a garage door. There are extension springs and torsion springs. Using the right kind or spring and having one that is working correctly can help keep you and your family safe. When a spring breaks or stops working it can be dangerous. A garage door is very heavy and can cause damage to your vehicle or a person.

Extension Spring: This is the most widely used type of spring in most residential garage doors. It is a large spring that is usually located on each side of the upper tracks. To open the door the spring uses a counterbalance force. The more force that is used, the more the spring will extend and allow the door to open. These can work with a hand opening garage and a motorized garage door.

Torsion Spring: The extension spring extends and stretches out to open the garage door whereas the torsion spring using torque to open or close the garage door. The spring is located above the door and will coil and twist around the shaft that it is built around. This works when you apply force whether by a motor or by hand. You can have this kind of spring made especially to fit the size and weight of your garage door.

What Kind of Garage Door Spring is Better?

An extension spring like mentioned above is used most often in residential homes mainly because they cost less money. They are more exposed and can be more dangerous if you come into contact with it. They also tend to last less amount of time than a torsion spring. The torsion spring is less exposed and therefore they are able to last longer and are less dangerous.

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