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Avoiding Garage Door Repair Scams; Low Initial Service Call Costs & Emergency Repair Estimates, Guarantees & Unmarked Vehicles. Call a Licensed & Legitimate Company like AAA Action Doors in Las Vegas NV Instead!

It’s downright depressing the amount of people out there willing to take advantage of folks, especially those in a bind. Scams seem to be everywhere, making it near impossible to want to trust anyone. Then when it seems like we have lost all hope for mankind, you hear a story or two that rekindles your faith in man (check out some of the reviews from our valued customers who have received these kind of experiences). But, as it is, it’s always better to be prepared from the possible scam artists, and like with everything, they are even infecting the garage door replacement and repair community.

AAA Action Doors would like to educate the consumers on the garage door repair scams that are currently being used by some of our competitors.

1. The garage repair network. There seems to be a popular trend, where generic handymen type websites are popping all over the web, targeting various homes to make the customer believe they are a professional garage door repair business, when they really send out a “repair man” that has little to no experience, and will “fake it until he makes it” usually leaving your garage door in far worse shape. Keep in mind there are many licensed and legitimate garage door repair or replacing companies like AAA Action Doors with spot on websites. Just make sure you do your home work before you commit.
2. Garage Door Repair Service Call Cost. Be wary if the service charges seem to be too good to be true. It is very common for garage door repair shops to charge a service fee to come in and assess problems, and of course a bit more in an emergency call. However, many scams are including a mere $25 service fee, taking your credit card info over the phone and sending out a generic handyman who then tries to pedal push you into additional service charges along with other fees. The red flag is requiring the service fee before a technician even comes to your home.
3. Garage Door Repair Cost Estimates. It’s becoming more popular among the unscrupulous that the “repair technician” will give you a rough estimate, and then upon completion hand a bill up to 3 times the estimated price. It’s a good idea to always ask the technician for the firm price to be written up front before any work begins. If this too difficult for them to do, ask them specifically why that is, and if they don’t have a legitimate reason, perhaps look into another repair professional.
4. Supposed Lifetime Guarantee on Garage Door Parts. A popular scam is to offer extremely high pried warranties on parts such as springs which are never designed to last a lifetime. These companies will welch on these lifetime warranty packages when you try to cash in or they may not in business anymore. Be wary of such of outlandish promises.
5. Unmarked Garage Door Repair Service Vehicles. If a technician shows up in an unmarked vehicle with no company logo or identifying information, be cautious and ask for credentials.

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