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Garage Door Fall Maintenance Prep in Sunrise Manor, NV; Opener Batteries, Lubrication & More

Though we may not get a reprieve from warm temperatures right away in the Las Vegas Desert, fall is officially here and with it comes several projects that need to be done around the house. Preparing the home for the upcoming winter entails many objectives, but one that shouldn’t get overlooked is garage door maintenance. There are a few things you should do for your garage door prior to the winter months setting in and we at AAA Action Doors would like to list the important details to get done while the weather is manageable.

Fall Garage Door Maintenance

1) Battery for Remote Control Garage Door Opener. The battery in your remote control remote is designed to last on average approximately one year. The more it is used, the more resources are used up, lessening the battery life. If you can’t remember the last time the battery was changed for a fresh one, be sure to have batteries on standby to make replacing a cinch.
2) Battery for External Garage Door Keypad. The external keypad also has a battery lifespan of about a year. It is often a 9 Volt battery that is located in a compartment secured by screws, typically Phillips and can be easily removed. If it has been a while since they have been changed, be sure to have a replacement readily available. Especially over this seemingly hot summer, batteries drain faster.
3) Counterbalance System Check. The counterbalance system, comprised of springs for the garage door, needs to be inspected and checked for excessive wear. Start by disabling your garage door opener by pulling the emergency cord. The door should be able to open with a single hand; with minimal effort. If it was a challenge, a professional should be called for repairs immediately as it is a safety hazard.
4) Garage Door Lubrication. For smooth operation, many of the hardware and metal parts require lubrication, if you want to take on the responsibility, be sure to consult your manual. More often than not the tracks, rollers, and springs need a slight coating of lube. When undertaking the lube maintenance, apply the following where applicable:
– Before adding more lubrication to any components, wipe it down with a clean rag thoroughly to remove any old lubrication buildup and dust.
– Dab lubricant to the rag and rub a light layer on the surface wipe any drips and excess lube.
– Avoid using grease as you want the rollers to roll not slide.
– Use an approved lubricant and do not reach for the WD-40. It is a degreaser, not a lubricant. The lubricant should be an oil-based lubricant; 10W-30 motor oil works well if you are in a pinch.
5) Test the Automatic Reversal Systems. Designed as safety features, automatic reversal systems consist of two different types; mechanical and photoelectric.
Photoelectric: About 4″ from the ground, this system has two encased boxes that have a beam shooting from one to the other. To test the efficiency; after you press the close button, swipe your foot through the beam. It should begin to reverse. If it doesn’t, a common problem is that the units are not in alignment. According to your manual, make necessary adjustments, but if the problem persists, contact a professional.
Mechanical: At the threshhold of your garage door, place a 2X4 on and press the close button. It should detect the resistance and roll back up when the door runs into the wood. Call a pro for assistance if the test fails.
6) Garage Door Weather Stripping. The weather stripping is found along the bottom of the garage door. It is a rubber strip that cushions the door upon closing as well as provides sealing from weather and pests. Evaluate the condition and search for any obvious wear or damage such as rips or dryness, or cracking. If any such signs are to be seen, contact a professional for replacing.

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At the end of the season, you should also invest in professional maintenance and/or tune-up to ensure your garage door is in optimal condition. Call AAA Action Doors to schedule any known repairs or maintenance services.

How to Reset & Change Your Garage Door Opener Keypad, Clicker & Remote Code in Enterprise, NV

Most people will use their garage for storage of personal belongings as well as their car. A garage is often attached to your home and has a large rolling door that can be opened manually or with a motor. The motorized garage doors are a great commodity that most people enjoy to make their life easier. The garage door has several ways that it can be opened remotely. One way to engage the garage door motor is the button that is attached to the inside of the garage. It is normally next to the door that leads in and out of your home. You might also have a keypad outside the garage on the wall. This leaves access to anyone that you choose to give the code to. The most common way to access your garage is with the remote clicker. The clicker is in your car on the visor or kept in your purse or bag. The clicker is set with a code that is linked to your motor when the garage door is installed. On occasion you may come across a reason to have that code reset.

AAA Action Garage Doors Lists Reasons to Change Your Garage Door Code & How to Reset it

Why Would You Need to Reset & Change Your Garage Door Code?: There are several reasons you may need to reset your remote for your garage door. One is if you have your remote in your car or truck and it is stolen. If the remote has been stolen out of your car or bag, the person that stole it can come back at any time to get access to your garage and your home. You might have just lost the remote or broken one and you need to replace it with a new remote. Another reason can be if you have given a clicker to a roommate or a friend that you have lost touch with. They might not give the remote back but still have it and with it access to the garage and your personal belongings. These are some of the most common reasons that you might need to reset the code on your garage door.
How Do You Erase the Garage Door Codes?: This is a procedure that is best left to a professional. They will know where to find the buttons and how to access them. If you choose to look into it you will need to have access to a ladder. You will need to be able to get access to the motor that is usually hanging inside the garage overhead. The motor is where the button is that will reset the codes that are currently set to the garage. First find the button labeled learn. Once you have access to it you want to press and hold the button down until the lights go off. This is the step needed to clear off the codes that were used with your old clicker and remote.
How Do I Reprogram the Clicker or Keypad & Set a New Garage Door Code?: You need to still get to the learn button but also your clicker that you want to set to the motor. Press the learn button and the button on the clicker at the same time. You can repeat the process with each clicker that you are replacing and resetting. Test out the clicker to ensure that the reset has worked.

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AAA Action Garage Doors offers garage door remote resets, repairs and more in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson, Nevada. Contact us for all your garage door needs.

Garage Door Repairs to Never Try a DIY Fix in Paradise, NV; Bent Tracks, Broken Cables & More

There are several projects and repairs around the house that can be done on your own. For the DIYer, it may be a hard concept to grasp when someone says they shouldn’t do it by themselves. When it comes to the garage door, there are several repairs that require professional help. AAA Action Garage Doors is here to talk about some garage door repairs that you should never attempt to fix on your own without professional help.

Bent Garage Door Tracks

In order for your garage door to lift and lower as it should, it has to be able to move freely along a set of tracks. If either of these tracks is damaged or bent in any way, your garage door can’t work properly. To have these tracks fixed the right way as well as have your garage door balanced the way it needs to be, you need the help of a professional.

Broken Garage Door Cables

The cables on your garage door are one of the more dangerous parts to replace on your own. There is a lot of tension involved, and to keep them in working order, you need to have the right tools and training.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Just like the cables, the springs are under a lot of tension. If one of these springs breaks, your garage door will no longer be able to function at all. Because they are under a lot of tension, they are very dangerous. The amount of pressure it takes for them to open and close, it’s no wonder they are dangerous.

Garage Door Roller Replacement

The rollers on your garage door start to wear out and often break over the course of time. Obviously, there are some rollers that are made out of quality materials and some that aren’t. If your rollers have broken or aren’t working right, you are going to need a professional to get in there to help you replace them.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

When one of the panels on your garage door is broken or damaged, it can be unpleasing to the eye. Luckily, you don’t have to replace the entire garage door. You may be wondering why it is broken in the first place. This is why a professional is the help you need. They can often diagnose the problem for you and tell you exactly why the problem is there to begin with, as well as how to avoid it in the future.

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The biggest reason you should hire a garage door specialist like the ones at AAA Action Garage Doors, is safety. It isn’t worth trying to fix something on your own that you know you shouldn’t be fixing. Call us in to give you the help you need. We have the training and tools that make the repair safe and won’t put anyone at risk of injury. We will work quickly and efficiently so your time is disrupted as little as possible. Call us today!

Upgrading to Garage Door Window Panel Inserts in Henderson, NV; Placement, Shape & More

Many homes are equipped with a windowless garage door, and a lot of these homeowners often wonder if it is better to have windows on the garage doors instead. Windows give a garage door life, and allow some natural light to stream in. The windows on a garage door also add curb appeal and promote an inviting feeling to home. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to take the opportunity to discuss windows on garage doors.

Placement of Garage Door Window Panel Inserts

Taking your garage door to a new level, windows can dramatically improve the look of the exterior of your home. Choosing to add windows to your garage door as a part of the garage door replacement give you a whole lot of options to choose from. One such option includes adding the windows to the upper section of the garage door. By adding this particular feature, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of windows in the garage doors in a relatively unobtrusive manner. Adding windows to the top section of the garage doors allows plenty of light from flooding inside without permitting people outside to see directly into your garage. This is a great option for those that spend time in their garage doing hobbies, exercise, or prefer for people not to see what treasures may be in the garage. Additionally, for those who avoid feeling enclosed in a dark space as you would without windows, you will have the illumination with windows but still have the privacy. A third section can easily be adorned with windows as well for those looking for more style, light and aesthetics windows have to offer. You have the convenience to look inside or outside your garage at any given time.

Garage Door Window Insert Shape & Glass Types

When it comes to garage windows, there are two primary considerations.
1) Glass Types: A few options as to the type of glass you can put in your garage door window are at your disposal. Your privacy will be awarded while improving curb appeal with the use of opaque glass. Different decorative glass options to suit the décor of your home and your personal taste are easily available as you sift through the plethora of choices and with the right glass, you can really enhance the aesthetics of your garage door.
2) Window Shapes: Alternative shapes to choose for windows are another consideration. There is the use of traditional square shapes for your window or have can opt to have your windows featured in an arch display. No matter which shape you choose for your windows, they will be based both on your personal sense of style and the style of your home.

Garage Door Upgrade & Replacement Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Not necessarily always the rule, but a basic guideline is that contemporary style garage doors are fitted well with the standard square design and vintage homes are often complimented by an arch window design. No matter what other options you desire, the windows can play a significant role in the aesthetics of your garage door. Contact AAA Action Doors today to learn more about your garage door upgrade and replacement options.