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How to Fix Noisy & Squeaky Garage Door Rollers that Don’t Open or Close Smoothly in Las Vegas, NV; Lubricant, Repairs & Replacement if Necessary

There are a few different working parts that keep your garage door running smoothly and your garage door rollers are one of those parts. As your garage door moves up and down in a track, it is guided by the garage door rollers. The rollers allow the garage door to move freely. It is important…

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Garage Door Myths Busted in Las Vegas, NV; All Garage Doors are NOT the Same with Interchangeable Parts, DIY Repairs are NOT a Good Idea!

Many industries in the world have to contend with ill conceived opinions that have been so readily accepted by the masses that these opinions are floating around as fact, when in reality they are nothing more than a myth. Even in the world of garage doors we hear some myths that need to be corrected.…

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