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Garage Door & Opener Maintenance Tips; Inspection, Lubrication, Testing Balance & Safety Reverse Systems in Las Vegas NV

Garage doors have been engineered to be convenient and useful in our high-paced, modern living. But like anything that has moving parts and components that require proper function, it needs to be adequately maintained. Regular maintenance can minimize major problems from occurring and extend the life span of your garage door and opener.

AAA Action Doors would like to relate some maintenance tips for your garage door and opener.

1. Garage Door Inspection. With the garage door closed, look closely at the garage door springs, cables, pulleys, rollers, hinges, and other mounting hardware for any sign of damage or deterioration. If you find any loose screws, bolts, or nuts, tighten them down securely. Inspect the cable for any fraying. If there any unusual sounds or any garage door components seem abnormal, there could be an underlying issue that could result in serious malfunction. Please be aware of the garage door spring counterparts are not to be tampered with. If there is an obvious problem there, consult a professional. It is a matter of safety, and could also make your warranty void. Only trained technicians should make any repairs or adjustments to avoid disaster.
2. Test Garage Door Balance. If your door is featured with an automatic door opener system, make sure the garage door is shut and disconnect the system. Manually open the garage door. You should be able to accomplish this task with ease and it should smoothly open with little resistance or strain. Only open it 3-4 feet, it should stay open, but be sure it is clear for safety. If it is difficult to open, or refuses to stay open, the balance has shifted, and needs to be adjusted by a trained professional.
3. Garage Door Safety Reverse System Mechanism Test. Automatic door opening systems are often equipped with a safety feature that if an object passes through the laser beam, located approximately 18-24 inches above the ground, the door will discontinue its decent and reopen. To test this safety feature, wave a piece of wood or broom where the laser beam on the garage door closes after you have set it to begin closing. It should reverse once the object passes through the beam. Another safety feature is if the beam is not present, but once the garage door makes contact with the wood, it should halt progress, and reverse. As of January of 1993, all garage door installation had to have a safety reverse mechanism to prevent injury, death or damage. If your garage door does not reverse, contact a professional as soon as possible.
4. Garage Door Lubrication. Make sure all the moving parts are properly lubricated. If you are uncertain, contact a professional.

Garage Door Installation, Replacement, Emergency Repair, Preventive Maintenance & Tune Ups in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

The garage door and the garage door opener are engineered to move. Naturally, components can become worn and need to be replaced. In some cases, or over time, a new garage door will need to be installed. For maintenance services, repairs and installation, call us at AAA Action Doors. Our expertly trained technicians have the experience and skill, to utilize the state of the art equipment to efficiently provide the garage door services you require. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

Spring is the Perfect Time for Garage Door Inspections & Preventive Maintenance in Las Vegas NV

Your spring cleaning list probably includes tasks like carpet cleaning, dusting, cleaning drapes, de-cluttering closets and giving the kitchen a serious scrub down. One item that home owners often overlook when it comes to keeping their house in good working order is the garage door. Your garage door probably gets more action than you realize. Not only opening and closing for your car, but to get the lawn mower and tools out, as well as the kids pulling their bikes and skateboards in and out as well. The best way to keep your garage in proper working order is to hire AAA Action Garage Doors to inspect your garage and assist you in avoiding major problems that could cost a great deal of money.

Performing a Visual Garage Door Inspection Can Catch Problems Early

Regularly perform a visual inspection on your garage door to make sure that it is in good working order. A thorough visual inspection of your garage door should include you standing inside of the garage with the garage door closed while you take a close look at the garage door springs, cables, rollers, pulleys and mounting hardware. The best way to make sure these areas look the way that they should is to hire AAA Action Garage Doors to perform the visual inspection.

A Monthly Door Balance Test Will Ensure Your Garage Door is Working Properly

If the garage door of your home is equipped with an automatic opener system, one step you can take is to close the door and disconnect the automatic opener. After you have disconnected the opener, open your garage door manually. It should lift smoothly and evenly without any resistance. If the garage door is difficult to open manually after it has been disconnected, contact AAA Action Garage Doors to repair any issues that your garage door may be experiencing.

AAA Action Garage Doors will Inspect Your Garage Door this Spring to Ensure Dependable Performance

AAA Action Garage Doors is more than happy to assist you in getting your home in perfect working order this spring by providing your garage door with a thorough inspection from top to bottom. A thorough inspection performed by a AAA Action Garage Door specialist will ensure that your garage door is in the best shape possible and won’t cause you any problems in the future.

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Tips for Painting Aluminum, Metal & Wood Garage Doors in Las Vegas NV for Preventive Maintenance & Curb Appeal

It’s amazing how the garage door can add so much aesthetics to the exterior of your home. Typically, matching the design of the door needs to blend in well with the overall appearance of the home. But like everything we own, the garage door needs maintenance, including a paint job every so often. Not all doors can or should be painted, but the ones designed to benefit from a fresh coat from time to time. Giving your garage door a fresh coat can turn an outdated garage door into a trendy enhancement to the exterior of your home.

AAA Action Doors would like to take the opportunity to share a few tips and advice on painting your garage door.

Garage Door Color Ideas

Keeping up with the current designs and colors is a good way to give your home’s exterior an instant lift. Here are the top choices.
White Garage Door: Utilizing white never goes out of style. It is a timeless classic that matches any motif. A white garage door gives a crisp, clean look and brightens your home. Where white is a common and popular color, if you are trying to market your home, the fresh white garage door can create curb appeal. If there is a downside to consider when choosing white, it is that white does not blend in the blemishes, dirt or dents.
Garage Door in Soft Grey: The soft grey is new to the garage door scene. It is a neutral color, and like white matches most any design. Using the soft, pale grey will make your garage door blend into the rest of your home, putting the house in the spotlight.
Black Garage Door: Black, dark grey or black with a blue tint has become favored among newly constructed houses. The tricky thing when using dark colors is that you have to consider the look of your home and maybe use the same color on the garage as you would on accent trimming.
Garage Door in Taupe or Beige: An excellent color choice. However, if your home is designed with taupe or beige bricks, the garage door will sink into background and be unnoticed.
Walnut Brown Garage Door: Painting the garage door a walnut brown and can enhance the garage door. Walnut brown can help create a wood door look, without using wood. Using walnut brown will give you a darker color look with a touch of warmth. Just remember when choosing the perfect color brown, there is a wide variety. You will need to be sure the right shade of brown is being used that accents the rest of the home instead of clashing with it.

Garage Door Installation, Replacement, Emergency Repairs, Preventive Maintenance in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

Your garage door requires plenty of maintenance, and may even need replacing eventually. Have professionals extend the life of your garage door by performing maintenance services and repairing any dilemmas you might face. Our experts at AAA Action Doors have the skills and experience required to conduct any services on your garage door no matter how old or new it is. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

Types of Garage Door Openers; Screw, Chain & Belt Drive. Call our Installation & Repair Service Specialists

When you start to have trouble with your garage door it is most likely not the door itself but part of the mechanism that is used to raise and lower the door. The panels that make up the door are sturdy and made to last unless some force like a vehicle runs into them. You can have trouble with the spring, motor, clicker or track and that can lead to the door not functioning the way that it is supposed to or not at all. There are several option you can choose from when replacing your garage door from a screw drive, belt drive or a chain drive.

AAA Action Doors has the benefits of each type of garage door drive opener so you can decide which one is right for you.

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener: When we talk about the opener we mean the mechanism that is used to actually raise and lower the heavy door itself. One option that you can choose from is a screw drive opener. This type of system is a good option for a garage door that is a one piece unit and does not bend at each panel. The system works with a threaded steel rod and a trolley system to open and close. It uses less force that a chain or belt drive. They tend to be quieter than a chain drive and are known to last a good amount of years. The con in this type of system is that it will cost a bit more to purchase and have installed.

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener: This is the most popular garage door opening system and can be found all over America. The chain drive can open the heaviest doors and are the most affordable of the three types. The opener uses a chain just like on a bicycle and the door runs up and down on a track. You can use this type of opener on any kind and style of garage. The con of this style opener is the noise that is associated with it. They tend to make some racket as they open and close and many people don’t prefer this. On the other hand some people appreciate the noise to alert them that someone is opening the door.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener: This is the third type of opener that you can choose from. This opener works the same as a chain system but uses a belt in place of the chain. The best part about this option is that it is very quiet and is ideal for a garage that is close to the house and homeowners that prefer as little extra noise as possible.

If you are ready to replace or repair your garage door call AAA Action Doors in West Houston, Cypress, Katy, Spring Valley Village & Piney Point Village Texas today to make an appointment.