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Garage Door & Opener Maintenance Tips; Inspection, Lubrication, Testing Balance & Safety Reverse Systems in Las Vegas NV

Garage doors have been engineered to be convenient and useful in our high-paced, modern living. But like anything that has moving parts and components that require proper function, it needs to be adequately maintained. Regular maintenance can minimize major problems from occurring and extend the life span of your garage door and opener. AAA Action…

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Spring is the Perfect Time for Garage Door Inspections & Preventive Maintenance in Las Vegas NV

Your spring cleaning list probably includes tasks like carpet cleaning, dusting, cleaning drapes, de-cluttering closets and giving the kitchen a serious scrub down. One item that home owners often overlook when it comes to keeping their house in good working order is the garage door. Your garage door probably gets more action than you realize.…

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Tips for Painting Aluminum, Metal & Wood Garage Doors in Las Vegas NV for Preventive Maintenance & Curb Appeal

It’s amazing how the garage door can add so much aesthetics to the exterior of your home. Typically, matching the design of the door needs to blend in well with the overall appearance of the home. But like everything we own, the garage door needs maintenance, including a paint job every so often. Not all…

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