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How Garage Door Photo Eye Sensors Work in Henderson, NV; Troubleshooting & Testing Tips

The photo eye sensor is an essential component to a garage door operating system. Essentially, it acts as a safety system to make sure nothing is underneath the garage door when it is activated. Often when a garage door seems to be completely malfunctioning it could be due to a problem with the photo eye sensor. AAA Action Garage Doors will share the purpose of the photo eye sensor and common garage door failure due to problems with the photo eye sensor.

How Do Garage Door Safety Sensors Work?

When a garage door system is installed in a home there are two photo eye sensors put on each side of the garage door. They are about six inches off of the ground. These sensors line up with each and send out an invisible beam that connects to each other. If this beam gets interrupted, it sends a signal to the garage door opener and stops the garage door from closing. This is a safety system that was put in place back in the 1990’s. It was designed to prevent garage doors from coming down on vehicles or people. There is a surprising amount of injuries and death due to garage door accidents.

Garage Door Sensor Lights Not On & Other Problems

To ensure that the photo eye sensor is operating correctly you will want to periodically inspect the sensors and make sure they are functioning. Some signs that there might be a problem with your photo eye sensors are:
• The red light on the sensor is blinking.
• The garage door opens but the garage door won’t close.
• The Door will begin to close, stop and retract back up again.

Garage Door Sensors Troubleshooting

These symptoms often indicate that there is a problem with the sensor. In some cases there are some easy fixes while other times the sensors may require the need to be replaced. When there is a problem with the photo eye sensors follow these steps to determine if the sensors can be fixed or needs replacement.
Check for Garage Door Obstruction: Often the sensors are working just fine but there is something obstructing the sensor or beam. Check to see if there is any debris, tools, boxes or kid’s toys blocking or is in the way of the sensor. Sometimes the sensor can get dirty and dust builds up enough where the beam can’t pass through. Either clean the sensor or clear away any obstructions.
Check for Garage Door Misalignment: The photo eye sensor must perfectly align in order for the beams to meet. If the two beams don’t meet then the garage door won’t open or close. It is common for a sensor to get bumped out of place. Another similar problem is when the sensors are in direct sunlight. Sunlight can interfere with the sensor. You may need to realign or make sure the sensors are shaded.
Damaged Photo Eye Sensor: Sensors can break or get damaged over time. Exterior damage is easily identified which will require the sensors to be replaced. Internal damage can also occur. Internal damage often requires a garage technician to inspect the sensors and determine if they are broken.

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The photo eye sensor is the garage door’s safety system and is essential. If you are having malfunctions with your garage door, contact AAA Action Garage Doors today.

How to Secure a Garage Door in North Las Vegas, NV for Home Security when on Vacation & More

Garage door break ins are very common. The experienced burglar knows how to break into your home using the garage door. In this way they have access to your home while having additional time and privacy to break into your home through this entry point. To help secure your home this holiday season, AAA Action Garage Doors will share how to prevent garage door break ins.

Old Garage Doors

If your garage door is older than 1993, your home is at risk! Older garage door openers use one code to activate the garage door. The experienced burglar can easily scan your garage door code. With your garage door code they can open your garage door at any time. Due to this flaw, modern garage doors use multiple codes and change each time it is activated. There isn’t much that can be done to stop someone from scanning your code, which is why if you have a garage door system that is older than 1993, consider upgrading your home garage door with a modern more secure system.

Garage Remote Thief

Big time thieves want to get into your home. Often they will break into a vehicle parked outside the home and steal the garage door remote. To prevent someone from breaking into your vehicle and stealing your home’s garage door remote, make sure to keep it out of view. For those who keep their remote in their vehicle, never clip it to the sun visor, leave it in plain sight, or bring it in the home with you. Instead, store the remote in the glove box or in a compartment to help reduce the chances of someone breaking into your car and stealing your remote. Modern garage doors since 2005 have openers that are connected to smartphones. Another option is to ditch the opener and upgrade your garage opener to a smartphone reading system.

Home Security on Vacation

For those who may leave their homes for the holidays, you’ll want to secure your garage door. Just before you leave consider disconnecting the garage door opener from the electrical outlet. Additionally you may want to add a slide lock which is the steel rod that is used to manually open a garage door in the event there is an emergency. You can lock this rod in place by using a padlock. LiftMaster has an automatic lock available that connects the WIFI garage door opener and it will lock down the opener unless activated with your smartphone. If not for the tools and other goods often stored in a garage, burglars can and will use the garage door to gain access to the inside of your home if at all possible. Therefore, make sure you have extra security systems in place. After fortifying your garage door, consider adding motion sensor lights, and a security system for your home including garage entry doors, and garage windows.

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For those who may want to upgrade their garage door or require a garage door system inspection, repair or replacement, contact AAA Action Garage Doors and schedule our services today.

Someone Hit My Garage Door, Rust from Weather & Other Causes of Damage in Summerlin, NV

You want to make sure that your home is in good working condition as well as looking its very best as well. This is only done by taking the time to care for and make repairs when needed. There are several aspects of the house that make a large impact on its look and functionality. One of those main features is the garage door. It is a secondary access to your house and allows you the ability to pull your car in and walk in the house with ease. The garage has actually been studied and shown that more people use this as their main entrance than other doors including their own front door. The garage door is also a large part of the homes look because it is usually a big part that is right up front. There are lots of ways that your garage door can be damaged and you want to know what to do about it.

AAA Action Garage Doors Lists Ways Your Garage Door Can Get Damaged

Accidentally Backed into Garage Door: The main thing that your garage was actually intended for was to park a vehicle inside. It is to allow you the ability to bring your car or truck in a covered space and out of the way of the elements. It is a great way to protect it and make it safer for you to enter and exit the vehicle. This is also one of the top ways that a garage door happens to become damaged. You are supposed to pull in and out of the space once the door has fully opened. The problem is that many people become restless and impatient. This leads to pulling in or out when the door has not fully moved out of the way and crashing into it. The panels that are used on your door can become extremely damaged when you do this. It can also cause damage to the rollers and the channels that the rollers run along. You will need to have a repairman come out and replace all or some of the panels that have been damaged.
Child Throwing Rocks or Hitting Balls at Garage Door: Your garage door can be made from several types of materials. Whatever you choose will have its pros and cons and one of them is how well it will hold up against damage. All of the panels will have some ability to withstand bumps and dents but at some point they will become damaged. Kids are a huge reason your garage door can be damaged that include throwing balls, riding their bike into it and tossing rocks. They may think it is fun to bounce their ball up against the garage door until they start to notice that it is causing dents in the panels. There is a chance that you can have the dents buffed out and repaired but sometimes it requires the door to be replaced.
Sunny Weather & Storms Damage Garage Doors: Lastly your garage door is meant to be out in the weather. It was manufactured to stand up against sun, wind and storms. It does have a rating but that does not mean that the weather cannot cause some damage. Hail storms are one way that your garage door can be dented. The rain or long exposure to the sun can end up warping or drying out a door that is made of wood. You need to be sure you keep an eye on the door and when the weather has caused damage you get it replaced.

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AAA Action Garage Doors can come out and inspect your garage door for damage and make the necessary repairs. Call us today!