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Upgrade Your Plain Metal Garage Door with a DIY Faux Wood Grain Finish in Spring Valley, NV

Do you have high hopes for your home but don’t want to spend a fortune to spruce things up? Your garage is the first thing people look at when they drive by or come for a visit and AAA Action Doors has a simple and effective way to enhance to beauty of your home and yard! A simple, DIY garage staining project will save you a ton of cash and give the front of your home a lot of personality. Staining is a bit different than painting, but with a little artistry and some added patience you will be able to achieve the rustic look you’ve been desiring. So, if your tired of looking at the same old boring garage door, follow the few simple steps below and give your home the face lift it deserves!!

Choosing Garage Door Stain Color

Visit your local home improvement warehouse, or reputable paint store in your area and choose the stain color of your choice. Dark walnut is a beautiful color! You will want to choose a gel stain as opposed to a conventional stain because it is thicker and won’t run or drip and is easier to apply. Be sure to choose a stain with a matte finish, avoid stains with a high gloss finish. You will need the following supplies:
– Stain of choice
– Good-quality 2-3 inch wide paint brush
– 4-6 inch paint roller
– Paint tray rubber gloves
– Disposable all purpose rags and paper towels
– Preparation

How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Staining

This is the single most important step of any painting/staining project. Lack of proper surface prep can lead to unsightly imperfections in your staining. If you apply a wood grain stain to a dirty surface, it will not adhere properly. You will want to begin this process by sanding down any imperfections in the paint, removing any superficial rust, or old paint that may have a glaze or high shine finish. You will want a flat, non shiny, clean surface to work with. Next you will want to give the door a good washing. Use some soap and water and give the door a good scrub, the use a pressure washer on its lowest setting to rinse the door and remove any remaining contaminants. Be sure there are no grease marks left anywhere on the door before you proceed. At this point, you may remove any PVC weather stripping on the perimeter of the door to make the staining a simpler process.

How to Add Faux Wood Grain Stain to Garage Door

Test a small spot on the door, or comparable metal surface and allow it to dry completely so you know if you are happy with the color you chose. Depending on the color of your garage door and the color of the stain, you may need to apply a base coat first so the end result will be an even, beautiful color. For instance, if you garage was previously painted a dark color, and the stain you’ve chosen is a lighter color you will need to apply a base coat to lighten the door so the stain will come out right. Moving on, once the door has completely dried and you’ve determined you are satisfied with the color you’ve chosen, lay a drop cloth down around the door so you don’t stain the concrete around the door. Start by using your paintbrush on all the recessed surfaces, then use the roller on all flat surfaces of the door. Then, using a strie technique, create the wood grain finish with your paintbrush. Do your best to imitate the texture and grain of real wood. Allow 48 hours to completely dry before operating the door.

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You’re going to love your updated garage door! If you’re more interested in purchasing a new garage door as opposed to doing it yourself, AAA Action Garage Doors has a large selection of rustic style garage doors to choose from. Give us a call today to set up a consultation and discover the options available to you today!

How to Avoid Garage Door Repairs in Sunrise Manor, NV; Choose Best Quality Door & More

Saving money is on the minds of most people. If they can avoid a measure expense, it is definitely a win. The garage door is something few people want to have to put a lot of cash into, especially when it comes to repairs. There are a few things you can implement in your life that can prevent costly garage door repairs, so you can spend that hard earn money elsewhere. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to offer a few tips to help you avoid these costly repairs on your Las Vegas, NV Valley garage door.

Choose the Best Quality Garage Door

Where this can be arguable to some, quality really matters when it comes to your garage door. “You get what you pay for”, “this opportunity is too good to be true”, and other such sentiments reign true, at least where your garage door is involved. Investing a little more money into your garage door will frequently indicate you are getting a higher quality garage door. Choosing a garage door company to acquire your garage door is the root of the experience. A reputable professional can help you find quality options for your budget. From there, the professional can help you find the best garage door for your home. Your garage door needs to do more than look good. The garage door needs to be durable, resist the elements of the climate you’re in, as well as handle the use you intend to put it through. A professional can answer questions, find a garage that fits your lifestyle, a well-insulated, durable, garage door can go a long way. The better the door the less repairs you can expect.

Garage Door Maintenance

Doing a little can do a lot for your garage door. Investing in quality is a great place to start, but it is not enough to prevent repairs. Like everything we own, maintenance plays a role in the condition, performance, and longevity. The garage door needs a few minutes of your time every couple of months to lube the necessary parts and ensure everything is working up to par. Additionally, garage doors should be at least tuned-up by a professional once a year, but the more maintenance services you schedule throughout the year, the better off your garage door will be. Professionals typically offer garage door maintenance, inspections, and tune-ups for the health of your garage door.

Professional VS DIY Garage Door Repairs

A fast response. Taking care of the little problems quickly prevents added wear that only extends that damage. Because the garage door is the largest moving component of your home, the parts eventually deteriorate with time and use. Also, there are accidental issues that come up from time to time that many people brush off to take care of later. Repairing the seemingly small things will prevent worse damage and keep the garage safe as well as in good condition. Garage door repairs should not be a DIY project. Many people enjoy tinkering on their home and doing many of their own repairs. When it comes to the garage door, however, this is one aspect of their home that is strongly recommended they leave it to the professionals. Garage doors are not only the largest moving component of your home, but probably among the heaviest. Special tools, parts, and knowledge are a necessity to ensure the garage door is repaired safely to avoid severe injuries and property damage. Lubing the essential parts and keeping the components clean is as far as the DIY maintenance should go, everything else should be done by a licensed professional.

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Following these steps can keep your Las Vegas, NV home’s garage door in optimal condition and avoid costly damages. When your garage door is due for maintenance or you notice the performance has decreased, call AAA Action Doors and let our experienced technicians take care of the rest.

Security Tips for Preventing Garage Door Break Ins in Paradise, NV; Opener, Remote & More

When you think of garage door openers you may just simply think of how convenient they make it to get in and out of your garage. Not having to reverse your car into your driveway, put your car in park, go and shut your garage door and then getting back in your car to leave your house just to be able to use your garage to park in is a game changer for sure! But did you know that having a garage door opener can also prevent your home from being broken into? We have put together our favorite tips on how to improve your garage door security to prevent theft to your home.

Automatic Garage Door Openers

When garage door openers first came out they all featured the same code. Any thief could simply buy a transmitter and they would easily be able to open all of the garage doors that had automatic openers installed. Garage door opener companies have significantly improved the security over the years. Now garage door openers feature rolling-code technology that can transmit a brand new security code each time you press your remote. The chance of a thief being able to use a remote to open your garage door opener is very slim. With this advance in technology, simply having an automatic garage door opener will help protect your house from burglars.

Garage Door Remote

Your automatic garage door opener will come with a remote. It seems like a great idea to leave your garage door remote in your vehicle, but do not keep it in your car! If a thief breaks into your car they can easily take your garage door remote. They can frequently easily find your address on your registration and insurance information that most people keep in their gloveboxes. Then they simply use this information to break into your home. It is safer to keep your garage door remote in your purse or briefcase. You can also purchase a keychain remote opener so that you can just have them on your keys. Another safe option is using the features in your car to program your garage door opener so that you do not have a remote that can be stolen in your car.

Close the Garage Door

The next tip seems so simple that you may not know why we are mentioning it. Make sure that you keep your garage door closed! This one does not seem like rocket science, but many times burglars enter your home through your open garage door. Many Americans think that their neighborhood is safe and that they do not need to close their garage doors during the day, but no neighborhood is safe! Do not go through all of the other steps and make the simple mistake of leaving your garage door open.

Lock Your Door from Garage to House

Many people feel like since they have an automatic garage door opener they do not need to lock the door from their garage into their house. Even though you are hoping that no one will get past your garage door, they may find a way in despite your best efforts. If they are able to get into your garage you will be glad that you dead bolted the door coming into your home.

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We hope that these safety tips will help your house from being burglarized. Home invasions are hard to recover from so preventing them is always the best option. At AAA Action Garage Doors we want your family to be as safe as possible! Contact us for all your garage door needs.

When Were Sliding & Sectional Garage Doors Invented & Other Garage Door History

Garages are a major convenience to us these days. They protect our cars from the elements and provide our home with extra storage space. According to a study by the American Housing Survey back in 2015, an average 63% of all homes in the U.S. come equipped with a garage door. The West Coast came in at the top of the charts with nearly 76% of homes having garage doors, as opposed to the North East states where only 49% of homes have garages. Vegas has brutal Summers, dust storms, monsoon hail storms, excessive heat warnings and wind storms with gusts up to 70 mph which can really put our vehicles through the ringers when left unprotected. Being able to put our cars into garages saves us and insurance companies millions of dollars annually in preventable damages. When left out in the sun for long periods of time, dashboards crack, leather seats split, paint jobs become faded and begin to crack, and your vehicles engine takes a real beating. Well, this got us thinking. AAA Action Doors are always giving out tips on preventative maintenance for garage doors, and what types of doors are available to you, so we thought we would discuss the history of garage doors and how they came to be!

Garage Doors were Originally Called “Carriage Houses”

In the old days, people got around town by horse and buggy. At this time, buggy’s and carriages were stored in the same barn as their horses. When the first cars came to be, a need arose for a place to store all these cars. Only the wealthiest of people owned cars in the beginning. At first, people repurposed their carriage houses to accommodate their vehicles. People even rented out their carriage houses for a fee to the wealthy to store their second or third vehicles. In a few short years, cars became more affordable and more people were able to own one of their own. People grew tired of having their vehicles wreak of horse manure, so they opted for a better option to store their vehicles and protect them from the elements. So “parking garages” came to be. Owners would build single-story garages that could house multiple vehicles at one time. Vehicle owners would pay about $15 a month to store their vehicles in these community garages. These heated garages were maintained by the owner and served as a major convenience at the time. Until about 1910 this was a lucrative business for garage owners, but as time went on, people wanted their own garages at their house, so they could park their vehicles on their own property. This is how the garages we know today originally came to be!

Garages Were First Built in the 1900’s

The word “garage” comes from the French word “garer” which translates to “to store”. At first, garages were modeled after carriage houses, homeowners would build small shed-like structures to store their cars in. In the early stages, these sheds came equipped with a huge wooden barn door that you had to swing open or closed to operate. These did not come with insulation, so they did very little in protecting cars from the bitter cold or heat. They were also difficult to maintain because of all the wear and tear they experienced with those heavy doors, and if snow was on the ground, forget it! That door was almost impossible to open! Sliding doors were invented in the early 1920’s, which meant you’d need a bigger garage for the door to fit properly. Then in 1921 C.G. Johnson invented the overhead sectional garage door. Then in 1926 The first electric garage door opener hit the market and people flocked at the idea. By the 1940’s architects began incorporating garage doors into their home designs and in the 1960’s garages began to expand to accommodate more than one family vehicle.

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In today’s world, the sky is the limit. There are many garage doors and accessories you can add to up your home’s value and increase curb appeal. Whatever your desire, AAA Action Garage Doors is your go to business for all things garage door related! If you live in the Las Vegas Valley, give us a call when you’re in the market for a new garage door to upgrade your home!

What Parts of Your Garage Door in Enterprise, NV Need Lubricant? Hinges, Rollers & More

When you are dealing with any moving object you know that any outside debris can stop the flow or movement. That is why your car needs to have the oil changed. If the oil gets too thick or low the moving parts will seize up and stop the motor from working. The oil that is used is a way to keep your vehicle working but you need to make sure that it is changed as often as recommended. When it comes to other appliances that may have parts that move you might pay a service that will come out and maintain them and in the process they will ensure that the moving parts are lubricated. If you think of the largest moving part of your home the garage door beats them all. It is a huge door that works to lift it up and close it down. The door needs to be in good condition in order for it to work right and work smoothly. The best way to do that is to ensure that the parts that need to be lubricated are taken care of.

AAA Action Garage Lists Parts of Garage Doors that Need to Be Lubricated

Garage Door Hinges: When you go and look at your garage door from the inside you can easily see that it is made of several panels. These panels are all a separate piece and when they are attached to one another they make a full door. They are often made this way to allow the builder to fit just about any space that they need to. The panels need to be able to bend and that is why they are outfitted with hinges. You will often see a hinge on either side of the panel as well as in the middle. The amount of hinges depends on the length of the door. These hinges will allow the door to roll up and down smoothly. That is why they need to have lubrication on them so that they can move and pivot they way they were intended.
Garage Door Rollers: After you have looked at the panels and lubricated the hinges on each panel you can look at the rollers. The door will glide up and down a channel that helps the door to move smoothly and make little to no noise. The channels will only work if the door has rollers. Of course the channel needs to be clean from any debris and dirt but the rollers have another component. They need to be lubricated because there are parts that need to be able to move smooth. You need to make sure that you use the lubrication then open and close the door a few times to make sure that the lubricant can make its way all the way through.
Garage Door Springs: Lastly and one of the most important moving parts is the garage door springs. They are a large spring that is usually at the top of the door near the front of the garage. They need to be able to wind and unwind to allow the tension to work when lifting and lowering the door. You want to make sure that the springs have some lubrication so they do not overheat or get stretched out.

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AAA Action Garage Doors can come out to your home and inspect your garage door. If there is any maintenance or repairs that are needed our expert technicians can take care of it.