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Garage Door Photo Eye Safety Sensor Inspection & Troubleshooting in Peccole Ranch, NV

The Photo Eye Sensor is an important part of your garage door system. For those who are unfamiliar with a garage door system or not sure as to why the photo eye sensor is so important, AAA Garage Doors will explain the purpose and function of the photo eye sensor, and why it is essential to your garage door and its operating systems.

Garage Door Photo Eye Wiring

There are two photo eye sensors that are located on each side of the garage door, about six inches or so off of the ground. Each sensor sends out an invisible beam that connects each of the sensors together. The purpose of the photo eye sensors is to detect obstruction. If there is an obstruction that interrupts the beams connection, the garage door will not close. The photo eye sensor essentially is a garage door’s safety system. The government federally mandated that all garage doors will be equipped with this safety system to prevent injury and even death. Photo eye sensors have been used on all garage doors since the 1990’s. This has greatly reduced the amount of accidents involving garage doors.

Garage Door Safety Inspection

If garage doors didn’t use photo eye sensors, once the garage door has been activated it will open or close and crush any obstruction, including pets, and of course people. There have been a number of property damages and injuries in the past. Garage doors are very heavy. With photo eye sensors the garage door will halt and prevent harm or damages. To help ensure your garage door’s safety system is still operating, it is important to inspect your photo eye sensors often. Some signs that there might be a problem with your photo eye sensors are:
• The red light on the sensor begins to blink.
• The garage door opens correctly but the garage door won’t close.
• The door will begin to close, stop and retract back up again.

Troubleshooting Garage Door Photo Eye Sensors

The photo eye sensor may need to be replaced or sometimes it is something simple and easily fixed. There could be a number of problems with your photo eye sensor and it’s important to discover the source. Below are some suggestions as to why the photo eye sensor may not be working.
1.Check to see if something is blocking the photo eye sensors. Often a piece of debris, or a tool, or box may have gotten in the way of the sensor beams, which is sending the warning signal to your garage door. Make sure there is no obstructions and clear way if this is the problem. You may even need to have the photo eye sensor cleaned, particularly the lens.
2. Check to see in the photo eye sensors are in prefect alignment. Often a sensor may get knocked out of place and the two sensors don’t line up together anymore. Another common problem is when sunlight interferes with the sensors. Depending on the position of your home or the garage door, if sunlight hits the sensor it can cause them to fail. Try shading the sensor if your garage faces the sun.
3. If you can’t determine any problems with the photo eye sensors, contact a professional garage door technician. They can help determine the problem and make any repairs or replace any parts if needed. It is recommended ever few years to have your garage door operating systems inspected and make any repair necessary to prevent serious harm or injury.

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What Size & Wind Direction Torsion Springs Do I Need for My Garage Door in Mountain’s Edge, NV

The convenience of your garage door has really made an impact on people. The garage was a place that you could store the things that you were not going to be using soon. It was also a place that could be used as a work area but now it really means much more. The routine of pulling up to your house and with a click of a button have this large door open for you is amazing. The door makes it so that you can come and go as often as you like and keep your vehicle out of the elements. This will extend the life of the car and let you control the safety when you are getting in and out of your vehicle. The problem comes when your door stops operating properly. The door has several working parts that need to be in good condition in order to work. The springs are one aspect and when they are stretched out or broken you have to have them replaced. There are several options of springs and you want to be sure that you get the right one.

AAA Action Garage Doors Outlines What You Need to Know When Buying New Torsion Springs for Your Garage Door

Torsion Spring Wind Direction: There are usually a set of springs that are used in the garage door installation. They have to be able to wind and unwind when the motor activates. The process of them winding is what will let the door open and close. The wind direction is extremely important so be sure to determine which way they are turning. There is a left and right turning spring and you need to be sure that you get the right direction. If the end of the spring is pointing clockwise the spring is left winding and if it goes the opposite way it is a right spring. The wind is necessary to ensure that the door goes the right way when the button is pushed.
Garage Door Torsion Spring Diameter Size: The next aspect of the spring that you need to look at is what is the diameter of the spring. This is how the size of the spring is determined and the larger the number the higher it is rated for weight. You want to be sure that your spring is the right diameter for the size door that you are needing. You can use a measuring stick to look at the inside of the spring to measure the diameter of the spring.
Length of Torsion Spring: When you measure your current spring you need to know that the springs you are replacing will often be stretched out some. That is why you want to take that into account when buying your new springs. The length of the spring is necessary when you are replacing them. Be sure that you consult a professional when making the final determination.

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Tips to Make Your Garage Door More Energy Efficient in Inspirada, NV; Weather Stripping & More

Do you have an attached garage for your house? The majority of homes have a garage that is attached to the house and has an access door that leads to and from the garage. This is a great addition to a home so that you can pull in your garage and shut the door before you get out of your car. It is also great when you want to pull something out of storage and you can get in the garage from the house without having to leave. The problems can be that the garage is enclosed by a giant door that rolls up and down. That is why many home waste and use more energy than they need to. There are lots of ways that your cooled air is escaping from your house and your garage causing you to pay for energy that you are not actually using. It is a great idea to do all that you can to keep your energy usage under control.

AAA Action Garage Doors Outlines Ways to Reduce Wasted Energy from Your Garage Door

Use Wood Block Ends for Your Garage Door: When your garage door is installed at your house there are several steps that are taken to keep it working. The door has be installed with balance and level so that it will run smoothly and stay on track. The other way that you can rest assured that your door is also staying in place which means it will keep in the energy usage is the wood block ends. The wood block ends are used at the end of the garage and will help to pull the track in place. This will also help to keep the insulation in the door where it should be as well. The better kept the insulation the better the air in the garage will stay at the temperature you want. You want to make sure that you have wood block ends and if they are damaged it is a great idea to have them replaced.
Secure Garage Door Joints: The other area of the garage that needs to have special attention happens to be the garage door joints. The joints can actually be open the outdoor elements if they are left untreated. Often times the joints are covered with a metal strip that is stapled in place to keep the insulation in place. The problem can be that the metal will attract heat that will reverse the cooling air that you are trying to keep in. The better idea that you can use is insulation that is in-between the two metal pieces. There is a gap that can be filled with a PVC pipe that will stop the metal from touching and stop the heat from getting in the garage.
Garage Door Weather Stripping: The other area that can be hard to deal with is the bottom of the door. The bottom of the door is supposed to land flat but the concrete may not be level. That means that there will be gaps in the door that your cooled air can leak out. The best thing to do is to use weather stripping along the bottom to secure the space.

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Garage Door Reinforcement Struts in Green Valley Ranch, NV; Placement to Stiffen & Strengthen

Though a garage door is both strong and durable it is still vulnerable to wear and tear and various types of damage. Spring and rollers are especially susceptible to wear, rust is another common occurrence, and all too frequently, the garage door takes impact from vehicles and other objects. There are many different scenarios that can knock the garage door out of alignment and cause other such damage. With reinforced struts however, the solution is quite simple to help the garage door stand more solid against the natural wear and the common attack of the environment and other such threats. Where these incredible devices are not always equipped to your garage door, we at AAA Action Doors would like to elaborate on why you should consider reinforced struts.

Purpose of Garage Door Struts; Placement to Stiffen & Strengthen

Located on the inside of the garage door is what looks like a metal strut that fits on the entirety of the door to strengthen it up. To allow for easy movement, the U-shaped bar attaches to the hinges. Once properly installed, these metal struts are designed to serve two primary functions; the first is that the strut offers support to the garage door when it opens. The second function of the reinforced strut strengthens the garage door to better endure the weather. This attribute is particularly important in areas where there are high and strong winds and more extreme weather threats. The struts are adding a reliable resource to the backing to the door, allowing the strut to offer the garage door the real support it needs. The section panels are made of the metal sheets and the door can actually succumb to more abuse than you may suppose. Since the struts are derived of a thick metal material, they are very durable and offer more strength to the garage door. This will give the garage door less give, so the vulnerable sections are not able to be pushed back enhancing the door and making the door more structurally sound. When you live in an area subject to high, forceful winds like Las Vegas, in addition to kids playing sports in the driveways and the potential risk of colliding into with the vehicle or other low impact, having your garage door reinforced with struts can extend the life of the garage door and keep it in optimal condition in conjunction with professional maintenance and care.

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Routine maintenance can protect you garage door parts from the rust and the springs and rollers among other parts by regularly cleaning, adjusting, tightening, lubing, and so on, by trained professionals. Taking advantage of professional services and extra products can prolong the life of your garage door saving you money in the long run and enjoying classy look of your quality garage door. When your garage door could use some reinforcing, or quality maintenance services, call in the experts of AAA Action Doors and let our specialists take care of the rest.