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Garage Door Safety Tips, Features & Requirements in Paradise, NV; Test Auto Reverse Sensor & More

Your garage door is a huge moving part of your home. It’s used daily and needs to be functioning correctly. There are tips you need to keep in mind to make sure it works properly and safely.

Garage Door Safety Tips

1. The control for the garage door needs to be mounted high enough to prevent children from playing with it. You also need to make sure you have a clear view of the garage door when you operate it.
2. Never allow children to play with the garage door remote. Teach them that it is not a toy and set a good example by explaining how to work it correctly and safely.
3. Your garage door has a safety reversing feature that needs to be tested monthly. This feature will automatically reverse the door if something gets in the way. You can test it by placing a 2 x 4 board in the door’s path. If the door doesn’t reverse and lands on the board, you will need to call for repair immediately.
4. You also need to know how to use the emergency release feature on your garage door opener. You can look to the owner’s manual to get the instructions.
5. Inspect your garage door monthly to look for parts that are damaged or in need of repair. Look at the springs, rollers, cables and pulleys. Call for professional repair when needed.
6. It dangerous to repair springs and cables on your own because these parts are under high tension and special tools are needed for these repairs. Serious breakage or injury can be the result of improper handling.
7. Check the release mechanism on the garage door opener to manually open the door. If the door is functioning properly you will be able to do this easily and it should stay open about three to four feet above the ground. If this task is hard, the door may be out of balance. It needs to be adjusted or there may be premature wear.
8. Another way to keep your garage door safe is to use one that has photoelectric eye safety beams. These are mounted a few inches above the floor and send an invisible beam across the path of the door. If this beam gets broken, the door will reverse automatically and open. This is a fabulous safety feature because an object doesn’t need to get in the way for the door to reverse like the auto reverse mechanism. These features work great together for added safety.

Security and your Garage Door

When gone for long periods of time consider unplugging the garage door unit. Consider buying an opener with rolling code technology. This will change the code every time it’s used to prevent code grabbing. Don’t leave the remote in the car. Treat it like a house key and take it with you. For added safety, lock the door from the garage into the house nightly and make sure the garage door is closed before you go to bed each night.

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If you take the time to make sure your garage door is working properly, it will be safe, and it will also last a long time. Contact AAA Action Garage Doors for any garage door issues.

Garage Door Parts Explained in Enterprise, NV; From Bottom Seal to Springs & Tracks

There are many components to a garage door. With so many different components, there are quite a few moving parts. Some with electrical, mechanical, and other different uses that with continuous use, experience wear. You can reduce a lot of the normal tear with professional maintenance tune-ups and inspections services but even so they can still fall short. We at AAA Action Doors would like to take the opportunity to expound on the more common parts of the garage door and the most frequent reasons of repair.

Garage Door Parts Commonly Needing Repair

1) Garage Door Bottom Seal: The seal on the bottom of the garage door is the weather stripping. As it suggests, it keeps the outdoor weather outside, allows for proper fit for a closed door, and acts as a cushion for when the door closes. Usually, over time, the rubber seal looks dry, brittle, cracks and can become damaged. When the seal becomes damaged, the weather can tamper, dust and debris can blow in, and pest can also come inside. A simple replacement is all that is needed.
2) Garage Door Panel & Sections: The door panels and sections can become easily damaged in the event if a vehicle runs into the closed door or sports game or children run into the door with enough force. The panels will generally need to be replaced.
3) Garage Door Hinges: In order for the door to move and flex, the hinges connect the sections of the door together. Every so on these hinges would need lube, if they get dry, can result in cracking and be broken or other such problems.
4) Garage Door Opener: Garage door openers have evolved over the years. As they can be high-tech and be involved with a lot of features they can be interconnected to the WIFI and be monitored and controlled through your smart-phone, computer, laptop, tablet, and other such devices. Because they have the electronic element, the batteries could simply need replacing, the wiring could be worn, or a number of other issues could be at hand.
5) Garage Door Sensors: On either side of the door near the floor, there are safety sensors that communicate with the garage door opener. One of the sensors emits the laser where the other receives it. The garage door will close, and most are programmed to retract, if something blocks the line of the laser so that it can’t reach the receiving sensor. Generally, when this occurs, the sensors are just in need realignment.
6) Garage Door Springs: To lift your extremely heavy door there are torsion springs above your door, which is under a considerable amount of tension. These springs are quite common to stretch or break and it is crucial you do not attempt to repair it yourself! These repairs are dangerous to do without the proper training and tools, leave them to the professional.
7) Garage Door Tracks: On either side of your door and leading up to the garage ceiling are the tracks the serve as the guide for the garage door to travel up and down on. Not only do they need lubrication from time to time, but they also need to be cleared from dirt and debris as well as inspected to ensure they have not gotten bent or damaged. If they are damaged, a professional will need to replace them.

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If you find your garage door is experiencing any of these common problems, call AAA Action Doors today and let our experts get your garage door operating to its full potential.

Benefits of Keyless Entry Keypads in Henderson, NV to Open Your Garage Door with Just a Code

Your home is a place that is full of all the things that we love and that will make our lives easier. One area of the home that people use often is the garage. There are many uses for the garage such as storing your extra belongings. You can use shelves along the sides or hanging shelves too. Other people will use the garage for the intended purpose which is to park your car. We pay a lot of money for our cars and that means that we want to do all that is possible to protect it. Having it in the garage instead of out in the elements can save the paint as well as the tires. You can also use your garage for a third use which is an access to your home. The interesting fact is that the majority of people will actually use their garage as their main entrance. Garage doors did not always have the sophistication that we are so used to. They used to be set on a pulley system that was manually manipulated. If you want to pull your car in the garage, you pull up, get out of the car, open the garage door by hand, pull the car back in and shut the door. This seems like such a burden to us now because we have the ability to open our door with the flip of a button.

AAA Action Doors Outlines the Benefits of a Garage Door Keyless Entry Pad

What is a Garage Door Keyless Entry Pad?: We all know that when you have a motorized garage door you can use the button that is affixed inside the garage. It is often near a door that you might come out of when you access the garage. The door will open and close with this button. The other option is the remote clicker that you can place in your car or purse. When you pull up to the house you can click the button and the door will open for you. An addition to the entry of your garage is a keyless entry pad! It is installed on the outside of the home near the garage door and has a set of buttons. You set a code that you can use to open and close the garage from the outside of the home.
Advantages of Keyless Entry: The first and main benefit of having a keyless entry pad is that you can give access to anyone that you want. The keypad is always there and all that a person would need is the code that you choose. This is great for kids that are coming home from school who might not be good at keeping track of extra items. The other great benefit is that you can change the access to the garage by resetting the code. It is quite simple and you can deny access to anyone that you have decided no longer should be able to get in the house or garage.

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Garage Door Will Not Close with Opener in North Las Vegas, NV; Travel Limit Adjustment & More

The garage door has become a very useful tool for homeowners. Your garage is a great place to house your car and other items that you don’t have use for on a daily basis. The garage should be locked and secured so that your items are safe from a would be burglar. That is why the door is so important. The door needs to be operating properly so you can come and go as you please. The door should be able to open and close with the easy push of a button. When these functions don’t work it can be frustrating. There are several reasons that your door may not close all the way when you leave and want to secure the garage.

AAA Action Doors Lists Reasons Your Garage Door Stays Open When You Try to Close It!

Garage Door Closes Part Way, then Opens Again: One of the most common problems that people have is that their garage door will not close when they press the button on their opener. The garage will come down a small way but then come right back open. The first thing that you need to check is if there is something that is in the way such as a toy, bike or car that is in the path. If that is the case the item will be in the path of the sensor that is set up as a safety device. This is to prevent a person from being hurt if the door closes on them. You should check for something in the path of the door and then clear it out of the way. Then check to see if the garage door will close again. If it still comes open you need to check another option.
Garage Door Sensor is Bad: The sensor plays a role in the way that the door functions. It is a way to add safety to the door and will tell the door if something is in the path of the door. Then it will come back open rather than close. If there is nothing in the path then there may be a problem with the sensor. They can be damaged and need to be replaced or they can be just out of alignment. They need to be lined up so that they are directly across from one another. You can try to make small adjustments on your own and if this does not work it is best to have them replaced.
Garage Door Travel Limit Adjustment: When you have a new garage door installed they are able to set it up so that it functions well. One of the settings that they will set is called the travel limit. The space that is available for the door to travel is different from one door to the next. That means that the setting needs to be adjusted so that the door knows how far it is supposed to travel. If it is not set properly when installed you will have a problem. It can also come out of adjustment through the use of the door and may just need to be adjusted again. This can be done by a professional that has the ability to work on the door.

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Why Doesn’t the Light Activate on My Garage Door Opener in Mountain’s Edge, NV?

When you pull into your garage at night it can be difficult to find your way around until you find the light. The thing is that the motor has a casing that has a light bulb that will come on when the motor is activated. It will then shut off after a set amount of time. The light is a great way to get out of your car and get in the house without tripping over anything on the floor. Most garages have a light that is affixed to the ceiling and can be manually turned on. If you forget to do that when you leave the house it can be a problem when you get home. The great thing is that the motor has a light to take care of that particular instance. The issues will be when that light stops working. There are several reasons that the light may stop working inside your garage.

AAA Action Garage Doors Lists Reasons Your Garage Door Opener Motor Light Won’t Turn On

Busted Light Bulb: The first thing that you really need to check is the actual bulb itself. You need to be careful when working on and near the motor so that you don’t cause any damage. The casing around the light needs to be removed so that you can access the bulb itself. You want to take out the bulb and check it for damage. You can also get a replacement bulb and have it put in the casing to see if that will fix the issue. You want to be sure that you use the right bulb in terms of wattage for that model. If changing out the bulb does not fix the problem you want to be sure that you go to the next step.
Light Bulb Contacts Are Damaged: The other problem you might find is that the bulb is in good shape but the contacts are not. The contacts need to be able to come out far enough so that they are able to touch the metal portion of the bulb. This will complete the circuit and the light will come on. These contacts may need to be replaced or even pulled out further. This is a dangerous job and should only be worked on by a professional. The motor is using electricity and that can cause an electrical shock which will lead to injury. The contacts needs to be pulled out further which can be done so that they are able to have a full connection to the bulb.
Damaged Logic Board: There is a way to find out if the logic board has been damaged. The way that you do that is to unplug the garage door opener and make sure that there is some quiet before you plug it back in. When you go and plug it in you need to listen for a click. If you do not hear a click when you plug it back in the logic board needs to be replaced.

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