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Quick & Cheap Garage Vertical Wall & Ceiling Organizing Ideas & Storage Plans in Eldorado, NV

A disorganized garage isn’t always the intention of most homeowners. Garages tend to be a catch all for items you don’t know what else to do with. However, there are issues with a disorganized garage. If you have so much stuff in your garage that you aren’t able to fit your vehicle in there; or you can’t easily walk through the space, it can create a fire hazard as well as frustration. AAA Action Garage Doors is here to share some garage organizational tips with you to help you get your garage to a usable condition.

Take Advantage of Vertical Garage Wall Space

The wall space in your garage is prime storage space. There are many different storage systems that are designed specifically for garage walls. You can store your lawn and yard tools using specific hooks that can be mounted on the walls of your garage. You can also install a slim bin system that attaches to your garage wall to store loose balls and other sporting equipment. By not utilizing the walls, you are robbing yourself of excellent storage space. If you consider all the equipment and tools that can be stored nicely with the right storage system on the walls of your garage, imagine all the space you would have immediately.

Bike Rack Storage & Scooter Stands

Bikes can be a garage’s nemesis. They chew up space and there is no way around that. You can store them in ways that get them out of your walkways, and in turn, free up a large amount of space. Building or purchasing a stand for keep scooters off the floor can be a lifesaver as well. Imagine not tripping over bikes and scooters as you make your way around the garage. Sounds heavenly.

Garage Rafter Ceiling Storage

The ceiling space above the garage doors and vehicles can be a great way to store belongings that you don’t use on a daily basis. You would never want to put your lawn and yard equipment up there, but maybe seasonal décor, those baby items you just aren’t ready to part with and even sporting equipment like small boats and canoes have been known to be hung by the rafters in the garage ceiling.

Garage Organization Labels

One way to keep all the things organized in your garage is with labels. You think you would never forget what box you put some of your belongings in, but you would be surprised how easy it is to forget where you put what. Labels can take the guesswork out of the organization process.

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Whether your garage is organized or not, your garage doors play an integral role in your garage’s function. At AAA Action Garage Doors, we offer garage door maintenance and repair to keep your garage doors free from costly repair. If you have any concerns with your current garage door or are interested in replacement, our team of garage door experts can assist you in the best solution to your problem. Call us today!

Facelift Decorating Ideas! How to Dress Up & Makeover a Garage Door in Desert Shores, NV

Is your garage door looking a little worse for wear? Does it need a little bit of a lift? It goes without saying that your garage door directly influences the visual style of your home because it takes up about a third of a home’s face. Most people like to do home improvements without having to spend a lot of money. There are ways you can make your garage door look like new without having to replace it.

Garage Door Decorating Makeover Ideas

1. Add windows or accent panels to garage door– Most of the time garage doors won’t come with a lot of extras like colored panels, a mix of materials or windows. You can get a whole new look with vinyl accent stickers, faux windows and other low-cost items. Windows will let the sun shine in and they can give your home a personal touch. If you want to add real windows, then you’ll need the help of professionals to go over all the options available to find what’s right for you.
2. Add new garage door hardware– All it takes is a little hardware to give your garage door a new look. You can go pull handles, nails and clavos and even hinges to enhance your garage doors design. It can turn a plain looking door into a new one with a unique look and you can do it yourself!
3. Use a new garage door accent material– To enhance the appearance of your home you can go with a material that’s absent from what you home already has, like wood, steel or another material. You can add a new look by adding new details to reface your garage door. Try adding a strip of reclaimed wood or a stylish metal trim. Just make sure anything you do doesn’t interfere with the way the door operates.
4. Paint garage door– This is probably the best way to give your home a quick update. Just add a fresh coat of paint. If you make sure you do a good job it will look amazing, if you don’t, then it will look like it should have just been left the way it was. Make sure you have enough paint before you start. The amount you need will depend on how big the door is and what it’s made of. Wood doors will soak up more paint than an aluminum one. If you’re going with a totally different color, then you’ll need more to make sure the old color doesn’t show through. One gallon of paint should be enough, and you’ll have some left over to do any touchups down the road.

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Update your garage door all you like but when you’re ready for a replacement, contact AAA Action Garage Doors for a consultation with one of our experts. There are lots of styles to choose from and a new garage door can boost your homes curb appeal. There are garage doors for every budget. Let us help you find the right door for your home. Give us a call today.

Benefits of Garage Door Keyless Entry Keypads in Anthem, NV; Reliable Access, Security & More

The majority of homeowners will use their garage door to park their car, pack away belongings that need to be stored and access their house. The garage is a place that can be utilized in many different aspects but the main purpose is to house your vehicle. You pay a lot to have a nice car and that is why keeping it out of the elements is a great way to extend the life. The garage is a huge part of your home and getting in and out has become easier over the years. The garage door didn’t used to have a motor that elevated the door for you. You had to get out of your car, lift the door up then pull in your car … then walk back over to the door to close it. Now we are used to having a garage door that is able to open and close with the click of a button. There are clickers that are remote that you can keep in your car, a button inside the garage that you can click to open from inside the garage and a keypad for the outside of the door. The keypad is a great addition to your garage door and has become necessary for most homeowners and renters!

AAA Action Garage Doors Explains Why Having a Keyless Entry Keypad is Important

Garage Door Access: The greatest benefit of having a keyless entry pad on the outside of your garage door is the convenience from the access that it gives you. The keypad is set up so that you can use a four digit code to tell the motor that you want to open or close the garage. This code is great because you can give it to your children if they are responsible. The better option is that if you give your child a remote clicker and they lose it, anyone that gets it can access your house. If the code has been compromised it can be secured and set with a different code in minutes. It also means that if you need to give temporary access to someone you can switch out the code for a short time. Then you can change it back to your standard code after the visitor has been over to the house. The access that you give can be taken and allowed with a click of a button which gives you more control.
Reliable Garage Door: Have you ever been at work and gotten a call from your teenager who has arrived home after school only to realize they forgot a house key? They now have no access to the house unless you come home and let them in. The great thing about a keyless entry pad is that you will never get a call like that again. Your child or any other family member will always be able to access the house no matter what. The keypad is always there and the most you would have to do is give them the code if they happen to forget.

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Differences Between Torsion & Extension Garage Door Springs in Spring Valley, NV

It is fairly common and obvious that there are springs that are one of the primary components of the garage door. When the garage door system does not open or not open correctly, more often than not, the blame falls on a broken or worn out spring. When it comes to the springs, you might have heard the mention of torsion springs and extension springs. With that in mind, we at AAA Action Doors would like to take an opportunity to discuss the difference between torsion springs and extension springs to help you better understand their function.

Garage Door Torsion or Extension Springs

Found in a shaft above your garage door are the large springs, which are the torsion springs. You will not likely see both types of springs on the same door, as most garage doors have one or the other springs. Although, garage doors that are generally smaller than the standard door, measuring 8×7 or 9×7, only are designed with one spring. Torsion springs will wind or unwind to lift or lower the garage door as you open and close it. When opening or closing the door, extension springs fully expand or contract.

Differences Between Torsion & Extension Springs

There are a number of reasons as to why most professionals prefer the torsion springs over the extension springs. Despite that typically torsion springs are a little more pricey than extension springs; they often last twice as long, offering a batter value to consumers. In addition to being a better quality, they tend to be more sufficient as torsion springs open and close the garage door with a more controlled motion. Extension springs are more likely to wear and tear quicker than torsion springs because with each use, extension springs usually function with a jerky motion. Not only are they quick to need repairs or replacement, they have a more complicated apparatus. Extension springs also tend to require a bit more maintenance than torsion springs; even simple lubrication can be difficult. Torsion springs will snap which will frequently produce a terrifyingly dangerous sound; but typically they stay on the shaft. Keep in mind however; they do have the potential to fly off. When dealing with spring repairs or replacement it is imperative that they are serviced by a professional only as they can be a safety hazard to those who are not properly trained. Extension springs do have their advantages as well. These springs are designed for when you do not have a lot of overhead space in your garage for a torsion spring system as well as being more cost effective. With proper maintenance and care, extension springs are still efficient at getting the job done and safe to utilize. If you are unsure about the specifics of the springs used on your garage door, or simply want to inquire about maintenance, contact your professional garage door expert.

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Garage doors are truly an asset to any home, but they still require professional services. With the AAA Action Doors, our experienced and well trained team of technicians provide a number of services such as maintenance, tune-ups, inspections, repair, and replacement services for example. If you believe your garage door springs are experiencing a problem, call AAA Action Doors today for diagnostics.