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Benefits of Hiring Professional VS Freelance Garage Door Repair Services in North Las Vegas, NV

There are many “Jack of all Trades” out there that work as freelance repairmen for various problems from plumbing to electrical; and there are even garage door repairmen. Most freelance workers will do the work for less money than other professional repair technicians. However, there is a vast difference between a professionally trained garage door technician and those who, with some limited knowledge, attempt to repair garage doors. Today AAA Action Garage Doors would like to help explain the difference between a professional and a freelance garage door repairman and why it pays to use the professional.

Professional Garage Door Repair Companies Meet License & Insurance Requirements

A home garage door offers protection to your vehicle, your tools and other stored items located inside the garage. The functionality of the garage door is equally as important since the garage door gives you access to your garage. When you need repair for your garage door you will need to consider how important your garage door is both for the protection it offers and its function. When you are having your garage door repaired, you will want the peace of mind that you are having the job done right. A professional is highly trained in both repairs, replacement and most importantly of all, safety. There are some freelance workers that may have worked with garage door repair service and may have the same and equal knowledge. However, those are few and far in between and without the license and insurance backing their work, you may not have assurance you truly need. Professionals like AAA Action Doors are licensed companies that are insured, bonded and properly and specifically certified in garage door repair and installation.

Garage Door Safety Rules

In the event an injury occurs, or damage happens to your personal property will the freelance repairmen have the proper insurance? What if the freelance repairmen get injured? Both questions can lead to the unknown and no ones know what the outcome will be. The truth about garage doors is they are dangerous while one is installing or repairing them. There is extensive training just on safety alone for the professionally trained garage door technician. Additionally, if a garage door doesn’t receive the needed repairs or the repairs aren’t done correctly, injuries can and often do occur. There are over a thousand garage door related injuries occurring each year. To have the peace of mind your garage door is receiving the proper repairs you will want to use a professional garage door service.

Garage Door Reviews & Ratings Comparison

There are a number of benefits of seeking out a professional garage door service and one of them is checking reviews. Freelance repairmen don’t carry around reviews with them and many don’t have websites where you can check their work history. Professional companies provide all of this information and many will have reviews or testimonies on their website and independent review sites that are open for public review. This way you can know for yourself who you’re hiring.

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There are a number of great uses for freelance workmen. However, the garage door is not one of them. Garage door systems are a delicate job where if not done correctly damages and injuries can occur. It is strongly recommended that you use a professional garage door technician for all of your garage door repair needs. For all of your garage door installation, inspection, or repairs, contact AAA Action Garage Doors today!

Garage Door Parts, Components & Systems Checked During Inspections in Summerlin, NV

There are many general services that your garage door experts offer. From installation, to repairs, inspections, and maintenance services, garage door experts are readily available. Because the garage door is the largest moving attachment to your home, it can also be the most dangerous, and since many homeowners utilize their garages to house their vehicles from the elements or from shifty individuals, the garage door is frequently used, exposed to routine wear and tear. When your professional is called to make the needed repairs or maintenance services, some wonder which parts are the focus of their attention. With that in mind, we at AAA Action Doors would like to relate a few of the major components of the garage door professionals are mindful of.

Garage Door Inspection Components & Areas Checked

Cable Management: Cables experience issues, one of the primary problems is rust. Rusty cables will slow down the operation of the garage door and produce excessively loud, obnoxious sounds while in use. With proper lubrication and minimal contact with moisture, the rust can be avoided.
Keyless Entry: Keyless entry will easily control your garage door’s functions. Many times, the battery to the key pad is spent, but when there other issues, professionals can find the source and rectify the problem fairly quickly.
Need for Garage Door Replacements: Garage doors can last only so long under the Vegas Desert’s sun. With routine wear, climate conditions, lack of maintenance, and other circumstances can result in early retirement as well. When the garage door is better replaced, professionals can offer a number of styles and features to heighten the aesthetics of your home and optimize the garage door’s overall efficiency. Type of garage door, or the way it opens, style or type of materials used, hardware, windows, insulation, opener, and finish are just a few examples of the variety of options have in addition to custom made garage doors or factory stock garage doors.
Rollers: Rollers are one of many moving parts, which over time will eventually wear out and become noisy, and/or choppy. The rollers can even seem to be faulty simply because of dirt or debris on the track, or lack of lubrication. Professionals analyze the issues and make the necessary repairs, replacements, or adjustments.
Safety Features: Safety features are in place in garage doors and some basic safety installments are mandatory. No matter which safety installments are a part of your garage door, professionals will perform tests and diagnostics to ensure they are in full operation.
Sensors: Sensors require routine maintenance, when they are neglected, repair or replacement is inevitable.
Springs: A broken torsion spring can significantly hinder the garage door’s capabilities, or render it useless all together. Due to the damage it can cause and the personal injuries it can inflict, professionals should only be the ones who perform maintenance.
Tracks: Tracks are equally susceptible to damage, dirt, and other issues that can create problems or efficiently. Over time, tracks can develop dents or bumps or accrue dirt and debris. Cleaning and repairs are often performed by professionals.

Garage Door Repairs & More in Summerlin, North LV, Henderson, Enterprise, Paradise, Sunrise Manor, Spring Valley, Anthem, Desert Shores, Green Valley Ranch, Inspirada, Mountain’s Edge, Peccole Ranch, Providence, Rhodes Ranch, Seven Hills, Silverado Ranch, The Lakes & Las Vegas Nevada

When your garage doors needs repairs, or to help minimize problems, take advantage of professional services from AAA Action Doors and let our experts keep your garage door in high proficiency. Contact us today!

Why Won’t My Garage Door Close All the Way in Las Vegas, NV or Starts to & Then Reverses?

When you get home from running errands or a long day at work most people open the garage door and pull their car in. Others may not park in the garage but will still use the entrance to gain access to their house. You need to have a good working garage door so there isn’t a wrench in your schedule. You want to be able to get in and out of your garage by the click of a button. This can be a remote clicker that is used in the garage. It can also be a panel on the outside of the home that uses a code to get in and out. The garage door is like most things that use a motor and has moving parts. You need to have it repaired and also inspected on a regular basis. This will ensure that all the parts that need to function are not damaged or worn out. One common complaint is that the garage door will not shut all the way and will come back open. There are some common reasons this could be happening to you.

AAA Action Doors Lists Reasons Your Garage Door Will Not Shut All The Way Or Come Back Up

Sensor is Not Aligned: If you go to the garage door at the front where the door comes down and look on either side you will notice a sensor. These are installed on the garage door as a safety measure. The sensor is there to stop the door from closing if there is something in the path. The problem is that they need to be aligned and leveled out. They work off of each other and act as an invisible beam of light. If the sensor is not able to sense the other side it will assume that there is a problem. The sensor can be bumped just slightly and that can cause the beam to get off the track. Just a kid walking by bumping it or if your door is vibrating too much can adjust the sensor as well. You can have the sensor repaired and realigned by a professional.
Object In the Path of Garage Door: The sensors that are placed as a part of the safety mechanism are there to stop the door from smashing down on any object. The object can be anything from a bike, car or even a small child. The sensor will say something is there and will send the door back up. That is a great way to save a life or stop damage but there could be a simple fix. If the door does not close all the way you need to go to the front of the garage to see if there is anything in the path. If there is you can move it out of the way and try the door again.
Garage Door Track Bending or Damaged: Another reason that your garage door might not close is from damage to the tracks. The tracks need to be in good condition so that the rollers can easily glide along. This will allow the door to open and close. If you have damage to the track it can prevent the door from closing all the way. You may need to have part of the track replaced or repaired by a professional.

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Reasons to Get a Garage Door Keypad Installed to an Existing Opener in The Lakes, NV

The keypads mounted outside many garage doors are small wireless devices that allow homeowners to fully control the garage door without having a remote. If you’re like most homeowners, you use your garage multiple times a day to gain entrance to your home. Remotes are great to operate your door from inside your car and having a keypad installed just makes it more convenient. If you’re thinking about whether or not you want to have one installed there are some challenges you should consider.

Pros to Adding a Keypad to an Existing Garage Door Opener

There are some good things about having a keypad installed that can make life easier.
1. Less things to carry. If you want to go out for a run, then you won’t need to carry your keys or a remote to get back into your house.
2. Reduces the chance you’ll get locked out. Families that have older children can benefit from having a keypad because they’ll never get locked out and can get in before you get home.
3. Less things to lose. Kids are notorious for losing keys. They won’t need to carry a key and they won’t need to worry about losing a key.
4. Added features. There are keypads the market that can be programmed to call for police or emergency responders if the situation arises that you need them.

Cons of Installing a Garage Door Keypad

There are some drawbacks to installing a keypad outside your garage door for you to think about.
1. Like any other garage remote, a keypad will need to be maintained.
2. Anyone who uses it will need to remember the code.
3. Kids will need to be taught not to share the code with anyone.
4. Keypads may give you a false sense of security because they are not a security system.
Garage door keypads aren’t any different than a garage door opener. It’s important to realize that they are in no way a security measure. They are only a way to open and close your garage door. They are also only as safe and functional as you permit them to be. With that being said, they are certainly a convenient option if you’re looking for more flexibility to get into your home.

Other Interesting Ways Garage Door Keypads Can be Used

1. Temporary codes can be set for guests. You can set a code to expire after a certain number of hours for guests to use.
2. You can use a ONE BUTTON CLOSE feature. Some keypads allow you to use the enter button to close the door without entering the code.
3. Program it to work with more than one garage door opener. Some keypads can be paired with up to three openers with individual codes.
4. Reset your personal code. For safety reasons it’s a good idea to change you code every once and awhile.

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Garage Door End of Year Maintenance Checklist in Silverado Ranch, NV to Prevent Repairs

As the end of the year approaches, it doesn’t hurt to make sure there are a few things that are in full operation and to prevent the need for repairs. The garage door would frequently get overlooked, but running through the checklist to ensure that all is well with your garage door is ideal. AAA Action Doors has compiled a checklist that can help ensure your garage door is operating at peak efficiency.

Garage Door End of Year Maintenance Checklist

1) Battery for External Keypad. Found underneath the keypad cover, there is a 9volt battery. In most models, a Philips screwdriver is needed to remove the cover to the battery’s compartment. Batteries generally last approximately a year but can lose its charge under intense heat. If it is been close to a year, consider replacing them or at the least get a battery handy.
2) Battery Remote. As mentioned, batteries typically last a year and it also applies to the battery for your remote opener and the more you use it the more the battery is drained. Have a battery ready to replace it if it’s been awhile.
3) Counterbalance System. The springs comprise of the counterbalance system for the garage door and it should be inspected. To do so, first start by disabling the garage door opener by pulling the emergency cord. With hand and little effort, lightly open the door; if it opens with ease, it passes the test, if there is resistance and is fairly challenging; the garage door requires the attention of a professional.
4) Weather Stripping. Check the weather stripping, the rubbing lining at the bottom of the garage door and check to make certain it is not getting squished under the weight of the door and look for signs of decay such as cracking, rips, or dryness. If it is looking questionable, get it replaced.
5) Lubricating Metal Parts & Hardware. The hardware and metal parts need to be lubricated from time to time; the rollers, tracks, and springs are the usual suspects. Use a rag wipe away dust and any old lubricated build up. Apply a very fine sheen of an oil-based lubricate (10W-30 motor works well in a pinch.) Dab the lubricate from rag to part, using oil sparsely and be sure to wipe up any drips. Keep in mind WD-40 is not a lubricant. It is a degreaser and you should avoid using it. Additionally, grease should also be avoided, primarily from off the tracks; the rollers should not slide, but roll.
6) Automatic Reversal Systems. There are two different kinds of automatic reversal systems and the safety mechanism should be tested to ensure safety.
Mechanical: Place a 2X4 on the thresh hold of your garage door and press your close button. The system should detect the resistance from the wood and roll back up. In the event the door does not back track, call in a professional for repairs.
Photoelectric: Approximately 4″ from the ground there are two encased systems. Swipe your foot through the beam after you press the close button. If the door doesn’t go into reverse, a common problem is the units are not in alignment; realign the beams. If the problem persists, contact AAA Action Doors.

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While going down the list you find issues, call in the professionals of AAA Action Doors for garage door inspections and emergency repairs to ensure your garage door is operating safely and efficiently.