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Fall Garage Door Maintenance Lubrication, Spring Tension Check & Other Tips in Mountain’s Edge, NV

Everyone is familiar with the terms “spring cleaning” and “honey do list” but for some projects, fall is the prime time to take care of chores that were meant to be completed in the spring. Your garage door maintenance is a prime example, and according to the knowledgeable experts at AAA Action Garage Doors in as little as 30 minutes or less, testing and maintaining your garage door can save you a lot of frustration while also avoiding a potential breakdown when the temperatures go down and the cold rain begins to fall.

Preventative Garage Door Maintenance to Be Performed in the Fall

1. Garage Door Lubrication: During the cold winter months, your old lubricant has a tendency to harder so be sure to add a fresh layer of lubricant before the temperatures really drop. Apply lubricant when your door is open to allow any excess to run off the rollers and into the track. Lubricating the rollers will ensure that they run smoothly and don’t become dislodged from the horizontal tracks. Applying lubricant to your springs is easy, all you need do is run a small amount of oil across the top of the springs and let gravity do the rest. The experts at AAA Action Garage Doors recommend a 3 in 1 oil that is designed to stand up against repeated wear.
2. Spring Tension Check: The performance of your garage door relies on the correct balance to ensure it operates efficiently. Performing a spring tension check will also ensure that your garage door lasts a long period of time without the worry of premature replacement. To test your spring tension make sure that the door is down before pulling the emergency release handle. Lift the door halfway up and release, if the door begins to fall the door needs tension, if it continues to open the tension needs to be released. Never attempt to adjust the spring on your own, instead contact your AAA Action Garage Door specialist for professional assessment and adjustment.
3. Test Opener Photo Eyes & Safety Reverse Mechanism: The best way to check your photo eyes is to cover one of them before pressing your remote. If they are working properly your door will not engage but the light located on the motor will begin to start flashing. If the door begins to lower, get your opener properly assessed by your AAA Action Garage Door specialist. To ensure that your garage opener safety mechanism is performing correctly, place a piece of wood on the ground under the open garage door. Once the door begins to lower it should reverse as soon as it makes contact with the board beneath it. It your opener fails to pass this test, it will need professional adjustments or repairs.

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By taking the time to perform these simple tests and maintenance this fall, it could prevent expensive repairs and replacements this coming winter. To learn more about garage door inspections, maintenance, repairs, replacement, and new installations, contact the knowledgeable experts at AAA Action Garage Doors today.

Damage Free Garage Door Silhouette & Decoration Ideas for Halloween in Inspirada, NV

With Halloween fast approaching, there is no doubt that many enthusiasts will decorate the yards and homes as a part of the celebration traditions. Where many homeowners can expect waves of trick-or-treaters coming to their home, the likely hood of including the garage door in the décor is fairly high. Because the garage door is one o the largest moving components of your home, and likely the most used, you will want to make sure you decorate your garage door with safety in mind. We at AAA Action Doors would like to make some suggestions on how you can decorate your garage door without putting a hazardous strain on it to keep everyone safe and still get into the spirit of Halloween.

Ideas for Halloween Garage Door Decorations

Spider web: With the use of streams and construction paper, you can construct a large spider web reaching from one corner and expanding the width of your garage door, complete with spider. The light weight of the streamers and garage door will not put any strain on the garage door as you open and close.
Witchy landscape: A large roll of black crafting foam can be cut into a spooky scene complete with witches, trees, and even a few bats. The lightweight foam is ideal for safety and the scene is perfect for any Halloween décor.
Monster mouth: A painted tarp can be painted to dictate any scary décor like a monster’s mouth with sharp jagged teeth and a sinister grin. Tarp is also light and can be added to the garage door’s surface with any hardship during operation.
Jack-o-lantern: Using a large sheet of felt or cloth, you can design your own enormous jack-o-lantern or a few smaller ones to cover the length of your garage door. Cloth and felt can be used to create a number of other ideas and the garage door can still function at its full potential.
Frankenstein’s face: With sturdy cloth complete with black fringe on top for his hair and white crabby eyes and a stitched mouth, you can transform your garage door into Frankenstein’s monster this Halloween.
Toil and trouble: You can unfold a scene of ghosts in a cemetery, or bats and cats on a fence line, or witches in the forest busy at work with their cauldron with a black cut-out silhouette. Too make it more enticing, string orange backlighting behind. Just be sure the display is well anchored to the garage door without causing damage and it won’t get in the way as it opens closes.

Only Dress Up Garage Door Panels

These are just a few ideas on some Halloween décor you can put up on the garage door; don’t be afraid to get creative. Just remember the garage door should not be burdened with anything heavy and it should not impede opening and closing while it opens and closes. Avoid using any of the garage doors other components and stick to the panels.

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When your garage door is in need of inspection, maintenance, tune-up, and repair or replacement, call in the specialists of AAA Action Doors and let our talented experts handle your garage door services.

Common Commercial Garage Door Problems in Green Valley Ranch, NV; Repairs for Sensors & More

Commercial garage doors often require regular maintenance and repair just like residential garage doors. However, commercial garage doors and residential garage doors seem to run into different problems due to the wide variety a commercial building uses in the garage or storage facilities. AAA Action Garage Doors, with their vast experience will list some of the common commercial garage door repairs to better help the business owner troubleshoot future problems and how to prevent damages to their garage doors.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors Power Supply Problems

For those very few commercial garage doors that open manually, you may never experience power problems and shortages. However, for those commercial buildings that use a power or electrical opener to activate the garage door, will sometimes encounter power supply problems. Occasionally the power supply wiring can get damaged or short out due to various problems. When your garage door frequently loses power, especially during usage, this is mostly due to the power supply which often takes an experienced garage technician to repair.

Garage Door Photo Eye Lens Sensor Problems

If a commercial garage door won’t open or close, or only activates partially, it could be due to problems with the photo eye lens or sensors. Most garage doors use photo eye sensors as a safety mechanism to make sure that there isn’t any object in the way of the garage door while it closes. If the sensors are misaligned or blocked, the garage door shouldn’t activate. You may need to realign the photo eye sensors, clean the lens, or move any obstructions that may be blocking the lasers.

Damaged Garage Door Tracks

Often the garage door tracks get damaged in commercial garages or storage areas. Either by accidental collisions or frequent usage, the garage door track can spread apart, bend, or even become detached from the wall or ceiling. When the tracks become damaged or bent refrain from using the garage door until the tracks are repaired. You will need a garage door technician to replace or repair the track and to make sure they are correctly aligned.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Adjustments

If the garage door won’t lift up when activated, and there is power and there nothing obstructing the photo eye sensors, then the garage door torsion spring might have broken. The torsion spring, which helps support the weight of the garage door, as it rises often wears out over time and can break. When they break, which naturally occurs every 10 to 15 years (or depending on the garage door usage) will need to be replaced. Torsion spring replacement is the number one component that needs replacing in a garage door system for both commercial and residential garage door systems.

Garage Door Maintenance

To prevent or extend the life of your garage door and its operating system for both commercial and residential garage doors, it helps to perform maintenance every few years, such as tightening loose screws or bolts, lubricating the moving components, and regularly inspecting your garage door to prevent severe damage. It helps to replace components as they begin to wear out and before something breaks which can cause further damages.

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If you need your garage door inspected, maintained, or repaired, contact AAA Action Garage Doors. We perform services for both residential and commercial garage doors. If you’re having problems with your garage door, contact AAA Action Garage Doors today!

Average Lifespan of Garage Door Opener, Motor, Springs & More in Desert Shores, NV

Purchasing a home will likely be the largest investment you’ll ever make and you’ll want to maintain its value for as long as you own it. You may be surprised to learn that your garage door does a lot to influence the value of your home. When our garage door starts to cause problems, it can negatively affect the value. Just like the roof on your home, the garage door has a lifespan too. If you were to ask random people how long a roof should last, they would probably tell you anywhere around 25-30 years but will have no clue if you ask then the same about their garage door. To their defense it’s a hard question to answer because it will all depend on how often the garage door is used and what kind of door it is.

What is the Life Expectancy of My Garage Door?

An average garage door should last for about 10 years. However, if your home is part of a planned subdivision, the garage doors that are installed are done with cost in mind rather than performance, so the quality of the door or its components won’t be the best and you may have problems sooner. The type of springs your garage door is working with will be another factor in the length of time it will last along with the weight of the door and the number of times it is opened every day. You will probably have to replace the garage door springs before the door itself.

Lifespan of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are supposed to last for a number of “cycles”, instead of a certain length of time. Torsion springs last 15,000 to 20,000 cycles and tension springs last 5,000 to 10,000 cycles. A “cycle” refers to each time your garage door rises and falls. The actual opener itself will most last between 10 to 15 years. If you are using your garage door a lot you will have the springs wearing out more quickly and if you don’t use your door that much then the springs will last longer. Most garage doors on the market today are made with 10,000 cycle springs. This means that the door is designed to function the right way 10,000 times. If your garage door is opened 3-5 times a day you can expect your garage door to work for about 7-10 years. It’s important that the right springs are used for the weight of the door because you may experience issues earlier it they are not.

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Like a car, your garage door will last longer if you take care of it so it’s a good idea to know how you can extend the lifespan of your garage door. Keep the garage door clean, lubricate the springs, rollers and hinges every three months or so and do an inspection once a year to replace failing or worn parts. AAA Action Garage Doors are your local garage door specialists and can help you with anything related to your garage door. Contact us to diagnose any problems you’re having, whether it’s a repair, maintenance or replacement.

Pros & Cons of a Pedestrian Walk Through Garage Door Installation in Anthem, NV

The latest trend featured in many magazines and internet websites points to the versatile garage doors that feature a pedestrian walkthrough. There are many different styles and sizes; and they are certainly a unique look. Though these door additives have plenty of advantages, there are also some disadvantages as well. With that in mind, we at AAA Action Doors would like to discuss the pros and cons of having a garage door installed with a pedestrian walkthrough.

Pros of a Pedestrian Walk Through Garage Door

There are a few advantages that can make this new trend an investment to homeowners. Below you will find a few examples of the benefits it has to offer.
1) Energy savings. Commercial and industrial garage doors are often utilizing the pedestrian walkthrough door because it is far more energy efficient. As opposed to continually raising a 16X16 foot garage door for entry and exiting purposes, opening a smaller access door causes you to lose less heat/cool air as well as the power involved lifting the larger door. This option is very ideal for people who use the garage door as the most common entry and exit access to the building.
2) Functional. Buildings and homes often find a smaller, regular door for access proves to be more far more functional.
3) Practical. In a neighborhood where the building density is high and there isn’t enough available side space for a regular door, a practical alternative is the pedestrian walkthrough door.
4) Accessibility. Gaining access through the electric garage door when the power is down is a bit of a dilemma. Having the pedestrian walkthrough access cab prove useful an alternative entry point.

Cons of a Pass Through Door for Pedestrian Traffic

Despite the benefits, the cons may be enough to alter your decision if you are considering a pedestrian walkthrough. On the other hand, these disadvantages may be minuscule in comparison to the benefits. Nevertheless, below you will find a handful of disadvantages.
1) Expense. Generally, in order to avoid direct damage to the garage door itself, as well as the safety mechanisms of the garage door, installing the pedestrian walkthrough door can prove to be fairly costly. In some instances, installing the small access can be just as much as installing the full garage door system.
2) Diligence. Potential damage can be inflicted on the garage door if the main garage door is an electric garage door and the pedestrian walkthrough door isn’t fully closed during operation. Unless you invested more cost to ensure the damage isn’t a problem, this could be a major problem.
3) Compatibility. Not all garage doors are created equal and can endure the transformation of adding a pedestrian walkthrough. At a minimum, the garage door needs to be at least 8 feet wide, insulated with polyurethane and be 1 3/8”-2” thick to have the access door installed.
4) Reduced energy efficiency. Though energy efficiency can increase in the right applications, in some cases the small pedestrian walkthrough doors can potentially reduce energy efficiency. To know which applies, a professional will need to assess the door for compatibility.

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If you are interested in the pedestrian walkthrough door for your garage door, contact AAA Action Doors to schedule an inspection and our professionals can find out if the garage door is compatible with the installation.