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Monthly Inspection Checklist; How to Maintain a Garage Door in North Las Vegas, NV

Garage doors are mechanical devices that require regular attention and sometimes repair. All things mechanical wear, sometimes just wear out requiring total replacement or if you are more fortunate just a part. Nothing would be more terrifying than to be an older woman returning home from work, pulling into your driveway and not having the door open by remote, as you note ‘jack the ripper’ closing on your six (six o’clock, meaning behind you). Flee, running over some who may want only directions or run the risk of personal harm. Only if that darned door would open.

Types of Garage Doors

Most doors are roll-ups. Few swing ups are found anymore and swing open hinged doors are nearly non-existent. Roll-ups operate with tracks and rollers. They’re mechanical, and they turn, meaning there is bearing somewhere that need periodic lubrication. The chain or screw need attention with the idler at the end closest to the door needing a touch of oil or greased according to the construction. The doors themselves, many constructed of light gauge aluminum or steel are subject to damage. Dents, dings and other types of damage are common. Outright penetration, though rare does occur.

Professional VS DIY Garage Door Repair

Some things you can do it yourself when it comes to door maintenance and repair, other jobs should be left to the professionals. One pro ‘thing’ is that roll-up doors are suspended by a coiled spring along the top of the opening, these may break, and replacement is not without its hazards and should be done by someone familiar with these mechanisms. Cables supporting the door wear and may fail. Replacement again should be done by someone acquainted with the safety hazards involved.

Monthly Garage Door Inspection Checklist/h2>
• Door springs, loose tracks, cable wear, pulley worn through done with the door closed.
Balance test: with door closed and from the inside pull the red handle disconnecting the automatic opener. Lift the door manually, it should lift smoothly with little resistance and remain fully open. If hard to open or closes on release not remaining open then there is a balance problem. Call in a professional as adjusting the balance involves the spring. As mention before, this is dangerous stuff.
Reversing and photo sensor test. Safety sensors prevent door closing on children. Usually an infrared beam flashed across the opening. This needs to work properly, no one wants the tragedy resulting from a defective sensor. Start closing the door, and push something between the censors, usually located about 18 or less from the floor on the inside. The door should immediately reverse, and open. To test the reversing mechanism, place a 2 x 4 on edge under the door, activate the door either with the remote or button. On contact with the wood the door should reverse and open.

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Lubrication and the above checks are the primary things to look for in garage door maintenance. When oiling the rollers use a tack-free based lubricant to prevent attracting grime and dirt. CERFLON, a ceramic-reinforced fluoropolymer or silicon and some lithium products are low-tack keeping dirt and grime from incorporating themselves into your machinery. With remotes, be sure to replace your batteries on a regular basis. And call AAA Action Garage Doors for all your professional garage door needs.

Why Won’t My Garage Door Close Unless I Hold the Button Down in Summerlin, NV?

Is your garage door not closing all the way or not at all? You might be surprised to learn how common of a problem this can be. Troubleshooting the reason of why the garage door is failing to close isn’t a difficult task and in most cases the failures have simple fixes. However there are some other issues that are better left to a professional. AAA Action Garage Doors will help you troubleshoot why your garage door won’t close properly and list some of the most common causes that lead to this kind of failure.

Garage Door Vacation Mode or Lock Out Button

One of the first and most common problems as to why your garage door may not be closing properly could be due to the vacation or lock out button. To begin troubleshooting to see if this may be your issue, first press your garage door activation button located on the wall. Avoid using your garage door remote for this step. Most garage door opener manufactures will put a lock-out or vacation switch on the wall control. Some may even use the remote control. Most wall controls will have a light indicator on it. This allows the homeowner to see if the button on the lock-out system has been activated. You will need to disengage the vacation or lock out switch, which again, should be either on the wall control or your garage door remote. Each manufacturer designs do vary; you can also check your manual for your garage door openers specific operating procedures.

Troubleshooting Garage Door Photo Eye Safety Sensors

Every garage door system uses a photo-eye or sensor. This is mostly used for safety measures and to prevent damage of the garage door or any obstruction that may be in the way of your garage door. You will see a sensor on each side of your garage door, typically on the inside of the garage. Often an obstruction of some kind could have fallen in the way of the sensor or you may have misaligned sensors altogether. You will want to check the sensor to see if they are either misaligned or blocked by an obstruction. They may be dirty and require cleaning. Additionally you may even want to check the sensor’s wiring to make sure it is still receiving power. If your malfunction seems to only occur during certain times of the day, it could also be due to sunlight blinding your sensors.

Garage Door Opener Adjustment

You may want to contact a professional garage door technician if you are not familiar or comfortable on making adjustment to your garage door opener. However another common problem when it comes to the garage door failing to close correctly could be due to the sensitivity setting. The sensitivity settings can be adjusted on the garage door opener. You will want to pull the emergency release to disconnect the garage door from the opener. The garage door should close on its own. Watch to see if the garage door closes equally on each side. If one side lags behind the other then you will need to adjust the garage door sensitivity. However if the garage door seems perfectly balanced then it is not the openers sensitivity that is the problem.

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

After troubleshooting these three most common problems you may want to consider hiring a garage door technician. The problem may require a professional inspection and most likely, repair of your garage door. Garage doors can be dangerous when they don’t function properly. If you are having problems with your garage door not closing correctly, contact AAA Action Garage Doors today. We can help restore your garage door back to its proper operating status.

When to Replace Your Garage Door in Las Vegas, NV; Too Noisy, Not Secure Enough & More

Many people would say they couldn’t live without a working garage door. Having your garage door lift and lower with the push of a button is priceless. When your garage door starts to fail you, or sustains a large amount of damage, you may be wondering if it is time to replace it or not. AAA Action Garage Doors is here to talk about signs that could mean you need to replace your garage door.

Garage Door Styles Have Changed

For many homes, the garage door is more than a functional part of the house; it is part of the design. Over time, you will notice that garage door styles will change with design trends. If your garage door is looking quite outdated, you may be considering replacement to give the exterior of your home a facelift. Changing your garage door and updating it, can add a substantial amount of curb appeal to your home.

Common Garage Door Repairs

One of the biggest reasons people often replace their garage doors has to do with repairs. If your find yourself constantly needing to replace some part of your garage door, it may be time to consider upgrading to a newer, more efficient garage door to avoid these repairs. This is especially true if your garage door is over 10 years old. It may be worth doing a full replacement.

Your Garage Door is Too Noisy

As your garage door ages, you will notice it will most likely make more noise when it opens and closes. New garage doors make close to zero noise and they open and shut. If you have an older garage door and have noticed that it all of a sudden makes far more noise than it has in the past, it might be time to replace the garage door completely to a newer, quieter model.

Irreparable Garage Door Damage

Sometimes your garage door will sustain irreparable damage. This can be caused by severe weather, accidental collision and other accidents. When your garage door has sustained a large amount of damage, you will be better off replacing rather than trying to salvage what’s left. If your garage door has several deep dents in it, you will find that it works more efficiently when you either repair them or replace the garage door.

Upgraded Garage Door Safety & Security

Garage doors offer a large amount of safety and security to your home. Throughout the years, garage doors have been designed with safety and security in mind. If you have an older garage door, you may want to consider upgrading to a safer and more secure garage door.

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Don’t wait until your garage door has serious issues before you are proactive about maintenance. There are several problems that don’t mean you absolutely have to replace the garage door altogether, but can instead be repaired. Whether you need repairs or full replacement, AAA Action Garage Doors can help. We can help you solve any of your garage door needs in a professional and efficient manner. Call us today!

Garage Door Safety Requirements, Regulations & Guidelines in Henderson, NV

National Garage Door Safety Month is designated in June by the International Door Associations – IDA and the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association – DASMA; as both association and their affiliated manufacturers work hard to increase the public’s awareness concerning the possible hazards of automatic opener systems and garage doors. Encouraging homeowners to perform visual inspections routinely and schedule annual inspections by a professional as well as invest in professional tune-ups and maintenance services once a year to ensure the garage door, safety features, and automatic opener are all working at peak performance for their safety above all else. With that in mind, we at AAA Garage Doors would like to expound on garage door safety.

Importance of Garage Door Lubrication & Maintenance

Being that the garage door is the largest moving system in your home, proper maintenance is crucial, as more likely, not only is it the largest moving system in the home, but is one of the most frequently used. Residents often use it as the primary sources for exiting and entering the home and every time you open and close the door, you are putting more wear on the moving parts. Offering home security and with new insulated doors, increased energy efficiency, the garage door is an important element to most homes. But what many people do not do, is respect the garage door and potential injuries they can cause. There are a few simple garage door maintenance tasks homeowners can do to ensure it is operating effectively, but many tasks, installation and spring replacement being a few examples, should be left to professional garage door contractors.

Garage Door Safety Guidelines

For your convenience, AAA Action Doors have compiled a list of safety guidelines you should take the time to review and pass to family members to ensure their safety.
1) When the door is opening or closing, keep fingers and hands away from door sections to avoid injury.
2) To keep it operating safely, make certain your garage door is properly maintained. It is recommended that a trained technician perform annual maintenance. Additional tests and inspections are some of the tasks that you can perform.
3) Keep in mind that the garage door opener uses electricity to operate and if mishandled it can result in shock or even death. The garage door opener should only be serviced by a trained service technician.
4) A garage door’s springs or cables are one of the most dangerous repairs you can do yourself and should be avoided at all costs. Best repaired by a trained professional because these parts are under extreme tension and can cause severe injury or even death.
5) If the garage door has suffered impact by a moving vehicle, it’s a good idea to have the door inspected and repaired by a trained service technician, even if the door doesn’t seem to have sustained damage. It may have become misaligned which will lead to premature wear and as well as developing dangerous circumstances.
6) Ensure that the kids understand that the garage door and garage door opener are not toys; if misused critical injury or even death can occur.
7) Keep people, especially children from standing, running or playing under or near any garage door, especially when the door is in motion.
8) Avoid giving the kids access to the remote controls or push button wall controls for garage door opener systems. Mount the manual push button wall control for a garage door operating system at least five feet off the floor, out of the reach of children.
9) Always keep the door in full view until the door is fully opened or fully closed when opening or closing the garage door; ensuring there are no people or animals that try to enter or exit while the door is closing.
10) Avoid storing anything or building any storage devices in the path or in close proximity to the tracks.

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

When you are in need of a professional garage door expert, contact AAA Action Doors and let our specialists safely and effectively perform the services you require!

Home Improvement; A New Garage Door Adds Value to Your House in North Las Vegas, NV

Just because your garage door opens and closes for you each day doesn’t mean that it’s not time for a new one. Garage doors are the largest moving part of your home and you don’t want to wait until it completely breaks down. It can be frustrating when you need your car only to have it trapped in the garage because you can’t get the door open! There are reasons to get a new garage door right now to avoid this kind of emergency.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Garage Door

1. Increase the property value of your home. Your home will look a lot better with a new garage door. It will also make it look more appealing to potential buyers and home appraisers. Even if you’re not planning on moving, having a new garage door installed will give you a sense of pride in your home.
2. Customize you garage door. You don’t have to settle for a stock door. You can get exactly what you’re looking for by combining different elements of doors because when you design your own garage door, you decide the color, the decorative aspects, windows and features such as size and insulation.
3. Lower your energy costs. Getting a new garage door will do wonders for your energy bill and can have the new door paid in full! Newer garage doors are airtight and come with insulation. The climate in your garage can be controlled with minimal amounts of cooling and heating. The airtight seal will help protect your car and all the items in your garage from the weather, regardless of how hot or cold it gets outside.
4. More safety and security. New garage doors are more secure than older ones and having a new door will keep your items safe. Newer garage doors can even be operated with your smart phone, allowing you to control your door from anywhere. New doors can be a lot safer too because they have reverse systems that will stop and reverse the door if something or someone gets under the door. If you happen to have an older door you may not have this feature. This is a must for families with children and pets.
5. Less garage door maintenance. New garage doors will also be more valuable to you because you won’t need to deal with the maintenance that comes with older doors. You won’t need any maintenance or major repairs for a long time and if you’re planning on selling, this will give a new homeowner peace of mind. You can also have this peace of mind if you’re not planning on selling any time soon.

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

There are so many options with garage doors and you may feel a bit lost in the process of getting a new one. AAA Action Garage Doors has lots of knowledge on all the features that new garage doors provide and can have it installed for you safely and in no time at all! We guarantee our work to make sure you’re satisfied. Give us a call today!