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How to Fix a Garage Door that Makes a Lot of Noise in Henderson, NV; Nylon Rollers, Anti Vibration Pads, Silencer & Lubricant Solutions

Garage door openers are sure convenient when you have a garage door. But sometimes they can seem pretty loud when you are using them. Your garage door will always make a certain amount of noise, but if you are feeling like your garage door is too loud, there may be a few hacks to make it operate with less noise. AAA Action Garage Doors is here to talk about some ways that you can eliminate some of the noise your garage door makes when it is operating.

Tighten Garage Door

When your garage door is closed and the opener is not operating, take a close look at your garage door and opener to see if there are any nuts and bolts that need tightening. If any of them are loose, it will cause rattling when you open and close your garage door.

Garage Door Lubricant

Many of the working parts of your garage door opener consist of metal on metal. These parts need to be lubricated regularly to keep them from grinding on each other. These parts include any hinges, tracks, rollers, and even springs. You should use oil that is made specifically for metal. Don’t ever use grease. You may notice that by adding a little bit of lubricant, the amount of noise will drastically decrease while your garage door opener is operating.

Garage Door Silencer & Sound Proofing Kit

You can purchase noise insulators that are installed between the motor block and the bracket that is attaching the motor to the ceiling. Noise insulators can greatly decrease the noise your garage door opener makes. These cylindrical rubber pieces are screwed on to keep them from moving around.

What Can a Garage Door Specialist Do to Help Quiet Your Garage Door?

When a garage door specialist comes to look at your garage door, we can make the adjustments needed to quiet your garage door. One of the main sources of noise are the springs that work to open and close your garage door. If you have extension springs, you may want to consider making the switch to torsion springs. This will eliminate some of the noise you hear. If you have steel rollers, they make a lot more noise than nylon rollers and can be replaced as well. And last, but not least, if your garage door is chain driven, it is going to make a lot more noise than a garage door that is belt driven.

Garage Door Maintenance in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

It is important that you call a professional like AAA Action Garage Doors to do any of the adjustments listed above. When you are making big changes to your garage door like changing springs, or changing from chain driven to belt driven, it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. AAA Action Garage Doors have the tools and training to help your garage door operate much quieter than it has been. Call us today!

Common Garage Door Mistakes in North Las Vegas, NV; Don’t Ignore Loud Noises & Jerking Movements, Avoid DIY Repairs & More

The garage door is the largest mechanism in the home and it requires a lot of attention. However our best intentions can lead to big problems. We make mistakes all the time when it comes to our garage doors. These common mistakes often lead to expensive repairs or replacements. AAA Action Doors will explain some of these common mistakes and how to avoid future problems by being aware of and avoiding them.

Loud Garage Door Noises & Jerking Movements

One common mistake people make is to ignore obvious problems. Some problems like loud noises, jerky motions and your garage door sticking in some areas are often ignored. These are signs of some serious problems that will need repair. Sometimes it’s as simple as re-tightening loose parts or lubing dry areas. However most people will allow loud noises and jerky doors to continue functioning in that state. This is a big mistake. Avoid having major repairs down the road and have your garage door inspected or serviced before it becomes a costly mistake.

DIY Repairs; Trying to Fix Garage Door Springs, Cables, Panels & More

Another common mistake is attempting to repair your garage door by yourself. This isn’t just hazardous, but can lead to bigger problems. Garage door repairs often need extra hands to provide proper structure for the heavy materials. More often then not when a home owner attempts to fix their garage door themselves, more damage is done than what originally needed fixing. Many times when home owners do repairs on their own, they often do not use the recommended part in order to save money. Using materials not designed for garage doors or your model of garage door leads to malfunctions. Later you will need to replace it with the proper materials. This will just cost you more money. Never try to use a substitute to try and save money. A garage door isn’t always as simple as one may think to repair. But without proper training or experience you can cause more damage. Make sure you know what the problem is and if it is beyond your ability, seek out a repair service and avoid tacking more on the bill than necessary. A garage door is a large mechanism that requires regular inspection and maintenance. Most of the time homeowners never routinely have their garage doors inspected or maintained. This is a mistake that can lead to costly replacements and even injuries. There have been cases of neglect, and in time, the door falls down suddenly. This can happen if the chain or belt breaks or if the motor gives way. Sometimes the door has come down on a person or vehicle while entering or leaving the garage door.

Garage Door Inspections, Emergency Repairs, Preventive Maintenance & More in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

AAA Action Doors wants to help our customers avoid unnecessary repairs or replacement of their garage door systems. A garage door is an investment so take care of it. Keep on top of regular inspections and the necessary services on your garage door. If you begin to notice loud noises or jerkiness with your garage door, have professional garage door servicemen come out and repair your garage door before it become an expensive problem. If you are having any problems with your garage door, don’t hesitate to call AAA Action Doors.

Maintenance Checklist For Your Garage Door in Summerlin, NV; Lubricate Moving Parts, Check Clicker & Keypad Batteries & More

The garage door is the largest moving part on your house and it needs to be maintained to keep it working correctly. There are many working and moving parts and you need to be sure that they are in top condition to ensure that the door works when you need it to. The garage is used by nearly 70% of Americans as their main entrance to their home and a large portion store their car in there. That means that if the door stops working it can leave your car stuck and you can get behind schedule.

AAA Garage Doors Lists Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Working & In Good Condition

You Need To Lubricate All Moving Parts Of Your Garage Doors: You want to make sure that you get a lubricant that is a petroleum base. Use the lubricant to add it to any area of the garage door that metal is in contact with other metal. There are normally rollers, hinges and springs that will need to be lubricated on a regular basis to make sure that they are able to move correctly. If they are not lubricated they can seize up and stop working all together. You also should add some lubricant in between the panels of your garage door but you want a separate type. Use a silicone base so that it does not attract dust and cause it to get gummed up.
Check The Batteries Throughout Your Garage Door System: You may not think about it until the battery is all the way dead but you should have them checked regularly. Nothing is worse than pulling up to your home and your clicker will not work because of a dead battery. Make sure that you have replacement batteries and check the batteries often. Don’t forget to change out the batteries in the clicker as well as the keypad on the outside of the home.
Check the Auto Reversal System on Your Garage Door: Your garage door is set up with a reversal system that is there as a safety measure. The reversal system needs to be checked on occasion to ensure that it is working properly. People and animals have been injured by garage doors and you need to ensure that it is working correctly. You can check by placing an object in the doors path to see if it opens back up when it senses the item. If the door continues to shut you may need to have the door readjusted.
Check the Garage Door Photo Eye Sensors: If you have ever seen someone that hits the button on the house and run out with a leap they are trying to get over the sensor. The sensor is there to stop the door as part of the reversal system. If they are out of balance you need to have them, readjusted or your door will continue to open back up even though the path is clear.

Garage Door Inspections, Installations, Emergency Repairs & Preventive Maintenance in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

AAA Garage Doors offers garage door maintenance plans. Contact us today to learn more.

Garage Door Opener Remote Clicker Lost, Stolen or Not Working in Las Vegas, NV? Radio Frequency Megahertz Rolling Code Finder & More

Reprogramming a garage remote is something that just seems to come up suddenly. Either it gets lost, broken or stolen; and then you find you need to reprogram a new one. AAA Action Garage Doors will go through the steps of how to reprogram the device and help you understand what goes on when you use a garage remote.

How Does a Garage Door Opener Remote Work? Radio Frequency Rolling Code Algorithm

In modern garages, the remotes use a rolling code technology. Rolling code technology functions by changing the code as you open or close the garage door or press the button. When you press the button it sends a radio frequency or signal that makes your garage door roll up or down. The older remotes use the same code over and over again to open and close your garage door.

Garage Door Remote Frequency Finder; Megahertz

This may lose a few folks, but the radio frequencies are measured in megahertz. Your average garage door remote uses 300 MHz, 310, 315, 318 and 390 MHz. You will need to see which one your garage door motor uses. Usually it will be print directly on the motor box. When seeking to replace a remote, you will need to purchase the correct remote with the same megahertz required.

How to Program a Garage Door Opener Remote

Step 1 – Purchase the remote that matches both the brand of your garage and megahertz required for your garage door. Most of your local hardware stores will carry the common name brands such as Liftmaster, Genie, Allstar, Linear, and Stanley. Check your motor box for brand name, and megahertz before you purchase the remote to make sure they will read each other.
Step 2 – Each model of garage door reprogramming protocols do vary slightly but all of them have a “Learn” button. You will need to locate this button. You may need to remove the light cover on your box if it is not located on the outside.
Step 3 – Now that you have found the Learn button you can reprogram your remote. You will need your remote handy. Press and hold the learn button on the motor until the light begins to blink. Then press the open button on your remote. After that do a few test runs to see if the reprogramming was successful. You may need to hold the button on the remote if it didn’t work the first time. Just repeat but hold the open button on the remote for 30 seconds and see if that works.

Garage Door Installation, Inspection, Troubleshooting, Emergency Repairs & Preventive Maintenance in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

Each model may slightly vary. If you couldn’t reprogram your remote, look up your exact make and model and follow their procedure. Also keep in mind some garage doors can only hold up to 4 or 5 remotes at one time. If you have exceeded this limit, you will need to remove some old signal the remote no longer uses to make room for the new ones. You will find that it is quick and easy to reprogram a new garage door remote. If you need any assistance with your garage door needs, AAA Garage Doors are here to assist you. We hope you found this article helpful. And contact us for all your garage door needs!