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The Five Garage Door Types Suited to Las Vegas, NV Homes Climate Explained; Slide, Roll & Swing Up, Carriage Doors & Slide Sideways

Many homeowners may face the time when they must replace their garage door. It may be too old to keep repairing, or they may just want to freshen the look of their home. Many may think of material and design and forget function. There are five major garage door types with different operating mechanisms. AAA Action Garage Door Services would like to explain each type of door and see if one of them is a better fit for you and your needs.

Roll Up Garage Doors

The roll up garage door is one of the popular garage doors used in residential homes. The mechanism and tracks are mounted on the ceiling of your garage, keeping it out of the way. This feature makes it the most desirable to have by homeowners. Modern roll up garage door use five to eight horizontal panels called sectional doors. When the door is rolling up each section separates giving the flexibility the door needs to roll up. Roll ups also have narrow horizontal panels that are made up of more sections that separate. These doors roll up more tightly and smoothly than just the five to eight paneled doors.

Slide Up Garage Doors

Slide up doors use the same mechanism and track system as the roll up door. However these garage doors aren’t sectional, its one solid door. This type of door does not retract all the way into your garage. About a third of the door is jutting out. Most people don’t use this type of door for this reason.

Swing Up Garage Doors

The swing up garage doors are slowly becoming a thing of the past. These doors are becoming out dated and it’s hard to find hardware for them. Like slide up garage doors they use a single panel. Same as a slide up garage door, the swing up garage door don’t fully retract into your garage. Part of the door is jutting out. The benefit of a swing up door though is it gives your garage a higher head space. The door’s track mechanism is on the side of the garage and not the ceiling giving you the higher head space.

Carriage Doors

Swing out garage doors or also known as carriage doors, uses two panels one on each side. Much like French doors, swing out garage doors have hinges on each side, allowing the door to swing out and open. Regardless of common belief, swing out doors are automatic. Swing out garage door gives home an old elegant look. Like the swing up garage door this will give added head space since the doors mechanism is on the sides and not the ceiling for those who want more space.

Slide Sideways Garage Doors

Finally the slide sideways or across garage doors. These doors are becoming more popular all the time. For those who want to save space this might be the door you’re looking for. These doors use heavy tracks that are mounted on top of the opening of your garage. These doors slide side to side on the track to open and close, which gives more space in and out side your home. These doors can come in single or double panel that slide open. Most prefer the double that splits on each side giving more flexibly.

Garage Door Installation, Repair & Maintenance Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Whether you’re replacing your old garage door or maybe a recently built RV parking garage. AAA Action Garage Door Services has experiences with all garage door type and wants to help you find the right garage door for you. Contact us for all your garage door needs!

Quick Fixes for Common Garage Door Problems in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV; Loud Noises, Sticking Door, Broken Cables & More

We want our garage doors to open and close effortlessly every time we use them. Problems can be caused with these very heavy doors if they fail to work the way they are supposed to. It is vital for homeowners to realize what they can or cannot take care of on their own as they run the risk of making the problem worse, costing more money in the end. Knowing how to take care of a few usual problems you’ll encounter with your garage door will allow you to protect your house, cars and other belongings.

Garage Door Maintenance Problems That Homeowners Can Take Care of on Their Own

1. If you hear loud noises when your garage door is operating, it may be caused by dirt or debris in the tracks or insufficient lubrication. Noises might sound like grinding, squealing or loud screeching. You can take care of this by cleaning out the entire track so the wheels will run without smoothly. Always use lubrication that is formulated for garage doors or WD-40 on all the tracks and hardware. Open and close the door a few times to see if it runs quieter.
2. If the garage door is moving side to side or moves unevenly, there may be an obstruction in the tracks where the wheels run. If there isn’t, then check the springs. They should all stretch the same amount and be the same length. There might also be an issue with the motors that control both sides of the door and may need replacement.
3. Garage door that stick open or closed can be caused by few things. With remote garage door openers, it might be an issue with the batteries. The sensors and switches will need to be checked too. If there have been weather changes recently, it may be affecting the lubricant. You may need to use more when the door is sticking. If the garage doors are hung unevenly it will cause the door to get stuck, so check all the cables and springs. If the springs are not all even, the door will stick.
4. Broken cables or extremely loose springs will cause a garage door to close very quickly. This can be very dangerous for anyone under the door. With the door is closed, take a look at the whole unit and try and see what the problem might be. If you suspect it’s the springs or cables, do not try replacing them on your own. These are under a tremendous amount of pressure and can cause serious injury as proper equipment needs to be used.
5. If your remote control door opener isn’t working and you’ve checked the batteries, you should make sure the device is powered up. If you still have issues and have tried everything you may need to replace the garage door opener motor or the sensors.

Garage Door Repair, Maintenance & Installation Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

If you’re experiencing issues with your garage door and you’re worried you may not be able to fix it in your own, call AAA Action Doors to take care of the problem. We are always happy to assist!

Benefits of Professional Garage Door Opener Maintenance Services in Las Vegas, NV; Warranty, Safety, Durability & More

Garage doors are often relied on among homeowners and commercial business owners that require such a feature. They are one of the largest moving entities attached to the building and the moment the garage door is not respected or neglected, it can result in serious repairs, or cause injury or property damage. Regular maintenance is a part of the garage door overall care. Maintenance, tune-ups, repairs, and inspections should all be done regularly and by trained experts. Having a professional garage door maintenance service is highly beneficial to the efficiency, durability, and longevity of your home or business’s garage door.

AAA Action Doors Relate the Benefits & Advantages of Professional Garage Door Maintenance Services

1. Garage Door Warranty. In many instances, garage door warranties are only valid in the event a licensed professional handled repairs and maintenance services. Garage doors may seem simplistic, but due to their mass and function, they are more complex than people realize. One wrong move and the garage door can impose damage, injury, or be rendered useless. In order to preserve the warranty, the company will often want to see documented proof a professional was routinely used and performed all the needed maintenance requirements that keep the garage door fully operational.
2. Garage Door Efficiency. When the professionals conduct the in depth maintenance service, we are inspecting every detail. While ensuring the hardware is tightened, components and parts that experience wear and tear are replaced or adjusted as need be, and the appropriate mechanics are lubed. Performance and safety checks are also conducted and the strength and durability is evaluated. Overall, the garage door’s professional maintenance service ensures that is up to par.
3. Cost effective Garage Door Maintenance. Even with an affordable professional maintenance service, some folks don’t make any financial investments in garage doors unless there is an obvious reason. A common mistake, the initial cost to getting a professional to conduct a maintenance service can prevent you from spending unnecessarily on costly repairs that could have been easily averted if caught early on.
4. Garage Door Durability. The garage door takes an extreme amount of abuse from multiple daily use, weather conditions, climate, and even accidental trauma. With such dependency on having a sufficiently operating garage door at your disposal is essential. Protecting durability to withstand the abuse is important for safety concerns as well as adequacy.
5. Garage Door Safety. Though modern garage doors are required to be equipped with specific safety features, it is reliant on electrical and mechanical technology, which can be defective or malfunction under a number of circumstances. With a routine professional maintenance service, the safety features are tested in an effort to minimize the chances of mechanical and/or electrical failure.

Preventive Garage Door Maintenance in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Though there are a few things an untrained person may be able to do as far as maintenance, the garage door may seem easy to manipulate and maintain, but serious bodily harm and property damage have occurred in folks trying to perform their own maintenance. Stay safe and allow a skilled and trained professional to do the work for you. AAA Action Doors professionals are expertly trained and have the training and expertise to perform your garage door’s maintenance service quickly and efficiently. Call us today to get started!