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Garage Door Making Loud Noise When Opening or Closing? How to Quiet it in Las Vegas, NV!

Our garage doors can be opened or closed several times a day and eventually become noisy. Some of the reasons are worn rollers, loose hardware or parts that need to lubricated. The good news is that these are simple fixes.

Loose Garage Door Parts, Broken Rollers and Stripped Hinge Bolts

One thing you can do is tighten all the parts. All the nuts and bolts need to be tightened to make sure they’re snug. Be careful not to make them too tight as this can pull the carriage bolt heads right though the door skin or strip the lag screw holes. You should check the rollers too. After years and years of rolling around in dirt, the rollers, which have unsealed bearings will self-destruct. When the wear gets really bad, the rollers will actually wobble as the door moves up and down. Nylon rollers do not require oiling and are much quieter than steel but they are also more expensive. It may be time to have them installed! Nylon rollers also have sealed bearings. Worn rollers are more common than worn hinges. Track rollers need to be replaced one at a time especially if your door has torsion springs. DO NOT try and replace the rollers in the bottom brackets. The reason being, these brackets are under constant tension and will cause serious injury if you unbolt them. Hinges that aren’t functioning as they once did will make a lot of noise and can cause the door to bind and wear out the joints at the sections of the door. It is normal for a little wiggle room at the hinges but if you notice an oblong hole where the tubular hinge pin meets with the hinge bracket, the hinge will need to be replaced. Track rollers need to be replaced one at a time especially if your door has torsion springs. To avoid injury and further damage to your garage door, call a professional garage door repair company like AAA Action Doors!

Tightening the Garage Door Opener Chain Drive

After a professional has inspected your garage door and completed the above tasks that were relevant, it’s time to check the garage door opener chain. Tighten the chain as a loose one will cause the door to make loud slapping noises and will cause jerky movements as the rollers are smacked against the track. If your opener is a screw drive model, then grease the threads. With a track drive model you’ll need to lubricate the opener track with grease.

Lubrication for Smooth Garage Door Operation

A final step would be to spray the hinges, roller bearings if unsealed and the springs with a garage door lube that you can purchase at any home improvement center. Also spray the torsion bar bearings and all other pivot points. These lubricants will get down into all the parts and will dry up to form a non-tacky grease that will prevent dust and dirt from collecting on them. This should be done every six months to keep you garage door running smoothly and quietly. You can go cheaper and use oil, grease or spray lithium grease for lubrication but they will just pick up dust and grit as they don’t penetrate as well. Plus they will result in you having to deal with a noisy garage door sooner than you’d like. Again, if you aren’t comfortable with this or not sure what grease to use or how to properly apply it; call a professional like AAA Action Doors!

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When it comes to getting rid of noises with your garage door there are things you can do on your own to fix the problem but when you need the help of professionals, give AAA Action Doors a call.

Garage Door Won’t Open or Close But Motor Runs & Solutions to Other Common Problems in Las Vegas, NV

You may not give much thought to what keeps your garage door working every day but when it stops you can’t believe it! The garage door acts as the main access for many people and when it stops working you have to change course. This can be a setback especially if you are used to pulling your vehicle into the garage every day. The garage door is the biggest moving part on any home and it can be a real disaster when it stops working. Just because it is not working the way it was intended does not mean you should start to panic. There are several causes that can be easily repaired by a professional garage door repair company.

AAA Action Doors Lists Most Common Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Work Properly

Garage Door Clicker Not Working: This is a very common issue. You pull up to the house and hit the trusty clicker that is in your car … and nothing. This can be extremely frustrating if you are used to pulling all the way in. The problem can be quite simple and require a new set of batteries. The batteries can go out and die over time and eventually it will stop working. The best way to do a simple check is to go in the garage through the house and hit the button that is situated on the wall. If the door opens you can swap out the batteries and give it a test. If this does not help you may need to contact a garage door repair company to troubleshoot the problem.
Garage Door Opens After Closing: If you go to shut the door and it gets most of the way down and comes right back up you may have a problem. The first step is to see if there is anything that is blocking the doors path. As a safety precaution, garage doors are set to open back up if there is anything in the way. If you find the path clear it could be a problem with the sensors. The sensors are a invisible line that runs across the path of the door. If it registers something in the way it will open the door back up. The problem is that if they are bumped and are no longer level, they will not work properly. The best way is to try and re-level them out. If you can’t do this by yourself, simply call a garage door repair company.
Motor Runs But Door Doesn’t Move: This can be concerning if you hear the motor come to life and the door remains still. The problem can be with the springs that are the main part of the movement. The springs are engaged and will either pull up or lower the door when they are told to by the motor. If the spring is broken the door will go nowhere! The springs are NOT a do it yourself job but they can be replaced by a professional garage door repair technician.

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Benefits of a Professional Residential Garage Door Inspection in Las Vegas, NV; Safety, Preventive Maintenance & More

The garage door is one of the largest moving operating systems connected to your home. Often your garage is used for the main point of entry and keeping your vehicles safe from unscrupulous characters and the elements. Garages are also a major area where people store belongings and construct projects; keeping your garage door fully operational and at peak performance is essential.

AAA Action Doors List the Benefits of Investing in a Professional Comprehensive Residential Garage Door Inspection Service

1. Garage Door Safety. Above all, the primary benefit is having a garage door functioning safely. Though garage doors had to lawfully be equipped with specific safety features, like all mechanics, malfunctions can cause failure. To ensure the safe performance of your garage door, the garage door inspection conducts diagnostics and tests to make sure the safety features are working adequately. Along with the tests and visual inspection on the safety mechanisms, professionals also inspect the garage door in its entirety for durability and to make sure there is nothing showing signs of wear and tear that contribute to bodily injury or property damage.
2. Preventive Garage Door Maintenance. During a comprehensive inspection service, components and moving parts are vigorously checked for visible signs of damage or excessive wear. Discovering any parts that are in need of replacing or adjusting is easily accomplished before they give and additional and often costly damage follow. By investing in an annual garage door inspection, you are sparing yourself the grief of having a major breakdown and even emergency services.
3. Garage Door Inspection Saves Money & Time. Following a professional inspection, if any issues come to light, they will be presented to you, along with solutions to the problems at hand. Making small repairs and maintenance adjustments can save you the incredible expense of emergency services and major repairs. Time is also saved having to not schedule days of major repair or being without an operable garage door.
4. Professional Emergency Garage Door Repairs & Tune Ups. If any repairs or maintenance needs to be performed, professionals performing your garage door inspection have all the necessary training, experience, parts and tools at their disposal. With the use of top graded tools, equipment, and products, any needed repairs following an inspection are premium quality.

General Garage Door Inspections Include:

– Lift cables are checked for any signs of fraying or damage caused by excessive use and/or time.
– Rollers are looked over for any missing chunks and smooth operation
– Springs eventually loosen and need to be replaced, during an inspection they are checked for performance.
– Nuts and bolts are inspected for any missing hardware, if they require tightening.
– Safely check the safety mechanism is tested to ensure superior adequacy.
– Lubrication moving parts in some areas require a bit of re-lubing from time to time, during an inspection the proper amount of lubrication is inspected in the necessary areas.
– Tracks are checked for any dents or crinkles that prevent flowing operation.
– Weather seals are checked for efficiency, as it keeps pests and weather out.
– Panels can be impacted from blunt trauma. If a panel is not up to par it can create additional malfunctions
– Windows are inspected for any cracks or other compromising aspects.

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If you believe your garage door has gone over a year without a professional inspection, contact AAA Action Doors to perform our residential garage door inspection. Reap the benefits and call us today to schedule your appointment!

Types of Garage Door Locking Mechanisms in Las Vegas, NV; Be Aware of Slide Bolt & T-Handle When Using an Automatic Garage Door Opener!

Installing a lock on your garage door can bring added security and peace of mind. When you are trying to keep your home safe and secure, the first thing you think about is locking all entry points. You garage door shouldn’t be excluded from consideration. If you don’t have a lock on your garage door, you are leaving yourself more susceptible to burglary. In order to keep your belongings and home safe, you should choose the right garage door lock to add a whole new level of security. AAA Action Doors would like to go over all the options you have when selecting the right garage door lock.

Garage Door Slide Bolt Locks

This lock is located on the side of your garage door. It consists of a latch that slides into pre-cut holes in the vertical track of your garage door. This is the most widely used garage door lock and is very effective in keeping burglars out. It is a very simple, but solid choice. If you choose slide locks and have an automatic garage door opener, be aware of when it is locked in place. If you try to open it when locked, you run the risk of bending part of the garage door and burning up the motor.

T-Handle Garage Door Locks

This is also a popular choice in garage door locks. It has a handle that is the shape of a “T,” hence the name. The lock consists of a cable system that is only able to open if the handle is turned. In order to turn the handle, you have to use the right key. These keys are a cylinder-shaped key and are difficult to reproduce. Using this lock system with an automatic garage door opener can also damage your garage door if you try to use the opener when it is locked, so be aware of that.

Garage Door Electronic Locks

As technology advances, so do locks. This lock definitely consists of advanced technology. It is among the most secure locks that you can use, but also one of the most expensive. With the use of your fingerprint, you can lock and unlock your garage door. You can program it to use multiple fingerprints and choose who can and cannot gain access to your garage. Some would say, that the added security this lock offers, counterbalances the cost. Installation should always be done by a professional to ensure the job is done right.

Keyless Digital Garage Door Locks

With the use of a keypad, you can use a code to gain access into your garage with this type of lock. It offers a high level of security and is less expensive than the advanced technology of the electronic locks. The code can be changed as needed, and is nearly impossible for an intruder to pick.

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Choosing the right lock can be the deciding factor when trying to keep burglars out. You don’t want to find yourself experiencing theft or vandalism of any kind because you didn’t install a lock on your garage door. AAA Action Doors offers a wide variety of garage door services. Call today for an appointment.