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Keep your Garage Door Working Properly All Year Long in Las Vegas NV; Troubleshooting & Repairs for Transmitter & Photo Eye Sensor Light Problems

Your garage door is probably one of the most used doors around your house, with it opening and closing more than a handful of times per day with leaving for work, coming home, unloading the groceries, putting bikes away and so on. Your garage door can experience some issues that may prevent it from working properly and when that happens, it will become a bigger inconvenience than you think. Garage doors have many working and moving parts, and if the smallest piece fails to operate properly, you could be left with a garage door that will not open or will not shut or even be left caught right in the middle.

Pay Attention to the Batteries in your Garage Door Transmitters

One of the most common problems that people experience with their garage door is a bad or old transmitter battery. This is one of the easiest problems to remedy, as it simply involves changing a battery. However, many people fail to even consider that the issue is a battery and immediately begin to panic thinking that they will have to spend a great deal of money on replacing or repairing their garage door. It is important to remember that the transmitter needs power to work properly, this goes for all transmitters, even the one on your wall. If one battery has gone out, replace all of them, because you probably had them all installed on the same day, so it is likely that they will all go out at or around the same time.

Align your Photo Eye Sensor Lights so your Garage Door works Properly

On each side of your automatic garage door there are photo eyes. These eyes must be aligned properly in order for your garage door to open and close. Between the two photo eyes there is an invisible beam that when broken, prevents the door from closing. This comes in handy if an object is in the way and could potentially become damaged from the crushing of the garage door. This is also a great safety feature to have if you have small children. If your garage door fails to close, but there are no objects in the way, check to make sure your photo eyes are aligned properly.

Garage Door Transmitter Not Working Properly

One complaint that happens from time to time regarding garage doors is that they begin to open and shut all by themselves. How is this possible? May homeowners have freaked out thinking that their home is being haunted by some disturbed spirit. Unfortunately for all who enjoy a good scare, this is not the case. This can happen when your transmitter is being pushed without you realizing it. Make sure that your transmitter is not in a space where it can accidentally be pushed to open or close the garage door. Another reason that this happens is due to a neighbor possibly having their garage door on the same frequency as yours, if this is the case, contact AAA Action Garage Doors to help you out.

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History & Evolution of Garages & Garage Doors; Carriage House, Commercial Garages & Adjoining Homes in Las Vegas NV Today!

Garage Doors Have Come A Long Way!

You may not consider your garage to be anything of great significance but back in the early days of automobiles your garage would have been greatly cherished. When automobiles began to be more of a common belonging for most citizens, it was quickly realized that a place was needed to store such a prized possession. In the early days of horse and buggy, many people used what was a called a carriage house to store their horse and carriage. These carriage houses were not attached to the home, but were a separate structure on the property. Today, carriage house garage door styles are manufactured to resemble historic carriage house doors that swing, fold or slide!

Garage Parking Lot Designs

While the carriage house seemed like the perfect place to begin storing the automobile, many new car owners quickly discovered that keeping their car and their horse in the same place resulted in a car that smelled like horse manure. No one wants a smelly car, so what began to happen was the building of commercial garages and parking lots. Some of these were public and some were private, but car owners could pay a monthly fee to park their vehicles without having to worry about their car smelling like horse poop. No one wants to drive around in a car that smells like horse poop; nobody.

Garages Protect & Provide Shelter for Automobiles & Other Belongings

While parking lots and garages were a great way to store vehicles, many car owners soon found that it was not convenient or cost effective to store their car at a parking lot. People that lived blocks from the garage would rather have their vehicle available immediately right at their home. So rather than sticking their car back into the stinky carriage house, a new structure was built specifically for car storage and that is the beginning of the garage. The word garage comes from the French word garer, which means to shelter or protect. The main purpose of the garage was to protect and provide shelter for their vehicles.

History & Evolution of the Garage Door

The first garage door worked just like a barn door, and why not, that is what people were used to using to get in and out of larger building structures. A double door attached to the structure with large hinges allowed drivers to get out of their car, swing the doors open and pull comfortably inside of the garage. These hinges and large swinging doors began to wear down quickly due to how often they were being opened and closed. The invention of sliding tracks for garage doors greatly improved the garage door design and garages were never the same after that. For expert service on your garage doors, call AAA Action Garage Doors today!

If you are experiencing any problems with your garage door or are ready for a new look, contact AAA Action Garage Doors in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson today.

Garage Door Safety in Las Vegas NV; Place Opener & Remotes out of Reach of Children & Know How to Operate the Emergency Release Feature

Take the Proper Steps Necessary for Garage Door Safety

Your garage provides a number of functions, including keeping your car covered a place to put your belongings and store items that are only used during specific times of the year. Your garage is also used to store bicycles and other recreational items that tend to be used more often when the weather warms up. With spring is full swing, your kids are more likely to be outside playing and enjoying the warmer weather before it gets too hot to want to be outdoors. It is important this time of year to consider garage door safety and prevent any accidents from happening.

Keep your Kids Safe from Garage Door Dangers

There are a handful of problems that can happen if you are not paying close attention to your garage door and the dangers that can happen with it. One important step to take to ensure that you and your children are safe is to place the garage door opener button out of reach from small children. If a child is able to reach a button, it is very likely that they will push it. This can put other children in danger if they are moving in and out of the garage. It can also cause damage to any belongings that are in the way of the garage when it is closing or opening.

Become Familiar with your Garage Door and the Emergency Release Feature

It is important to become familiar with the way that your garage door functions, so in the case of an emergency, you will know how to properly use the garage door emergency release feature if needed. When you are familiar with how your garage door functions, you are better prepared to handle an emergency that involves your garage door. Keep the remote buttons to your garage door out of reach of children as well and emphasize the fact that they are not toys and not to ever be played with or pushed.

Perform a Thorough Garage Door Inspection

Each month, take the time to visually inspect your garage door and look for anything that may look out of place, worn down or broken. Take a close look at the springs, cables, rollers and pulleys to make sure nothing looks out of place. If you do notice that something does not look right or has broken or come loose, do not attempt to repair it on your own. Springs and other pieces of your garage door can become extremely dangerous, immediately contact AAA Action Garage Doors to fix your garage door and ensure that it is safe to use.